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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Podcast Episode #103: Effective List Building Session One

I invite you to join me Wednesday June 30th, I will begin a new series of podcast on the “Internet Business Blueprint” on Blog Talk Radio. This series is titled “Effective List Building” and it will be presented in 10 episodes.

List building is a crucial piece of the success puzzle when it comes to creating a successful Internet marketing business. The bottom line is clear, you need a list regardless of which business model you choose; information product marketing, affiliate marketing, direct sales or any other the other handful of variant models you have to choose from. The bottom line is to be successful you must place your message in front of your market with consistently.

There are a variety of channels that you can use to deliver your message, but few are more effective than a responsive double opt in subscriber list of buyers who already know you, like you and most importantly have grown to trust you. Once you have a subscriber list in place, you should plan to earn one dollar for every name on your list each month. Then if your desire is to make more money simply grow a bigger list.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant Is An Acquired Taste But Not A Scam Artist

Dr. Jeffrey Lant co-founded Worldprofit in 1994 and has served as CEO for 16 years. Anyone who has developed a Internet business that has brought 700,000 associate members through it’s sales process certainly understands marketing and doesn’t need me to defend him here. However, I am annoyed enough by a few silly and unsubstantiated comments that I have read concerning Dr. Lant that I decided to shed some light here and perhaps vent a little.

Worldprofit was created by a group of home business professionals to provide a turnkey solution to help individuals who desire to create a real and sustainable business online. Worldprofit uses a unique and one of a kind method to convert free associates to dealers or paid members and it is this method that has both made Worldprofit incredibly successful and Dr. Lant somewhat controversial.

How to Market Effectively in Internet Forums

Forums (new school) and Message Boards (old school) are among the most interactive of all memberships. Forums are traffic magnets and they exist in literally thousands of niches, test me on this and you will find one in every niche that comes to mind.

Forums are membership sites that are designed to serve large groups of people who share a common interest and contribute to topics and comment on the topics of others known as threads. Threads are simply topics that members offer commentary, offer feedback and recommend resources through an evolving conversation.

There are many reasons why you should participate in a few quality forums including; mastermind with successful online marketers, benefit from the experiences of fellow marketers, identify joint venture partners, share your ideas and much more.

Effective List Building Part 9: Use Pop Ups to Capture Exiting Visitors to Your Site

When used correctly pop-ups are a very effective way to get sign-ups for your mailing list from visitors to your site. A pop-up is a script that allows you to post a form or ad on your website or blog. When a new visitor arrives at your site the web-form or ad pops-up in front of a portion of the screen, this can alternatively be done when the visitor exits your site. I have found that the exist pop-up are less intrusive and better received by most visitors.

The beauty really is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to pop-ups and some view them positively while others find them to me a little annoying. Personally, I do not mind them as long as the information provided adds value. I also prefer to see them on exit – after I have viewed the information that I came to the site to see in the first place.

As with everything I teach, strive first to add value to the end user in this case the visitor to your site. Make an offer that in compelling, such as a unique digital product, subscription to a valuable newsletter, or a personal consultation. If you are trying to promote a specific product or business opportunity, offer something of value free that is relevant to the opportunity that you will eventually be presenting.

Remember that the primary objective of the pop-up should be listing building, not necessarily selling. Your readers will appreciate the value you give, you will then have an opportunity to develop a relationship with your subscriber and convert from prospect to customer or associate.

Worldprofit Home Business Experts Overview

Worldprofit is a unique online community of home business experts and independent home business entrepreneurs working together to create real sustainable income working on the Internet from home. Worldprofit was founded in August 1995 and has been online since November 1995. Worldprofit has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 1999 and was founded by Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Sandi Hunter, and George Kosch.

James Holmes is an independent member of Worldprofit and a mentor to individuals interested in creating a successful home based business. This presentation was created by James to provide a review of Worldprofit and to highlight the benefits of Worldprofit’s Silver Business Package.

Effective List Building Part 8: How to Leverage Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking is a powerful method for driving traffic to your blog and sales pages to create opt ins and build your list. This really IS NOT rocket science, but there are a few tips to share as well as a few quality sites to recommend and get you started.

So what is social bookmarking? Social Bookmarking is the act of recommending or reviewing blog post, articles, videos, podcast and other content by “marking” the chosen entries on one or more book marketing websites like those recommended in this post. Typically you will sign-up for a free account at one or more sites and recommend content as you surf he internet or stumble across content you deem to be worthy of comment.

Social bookmarketing is also a powerful SEO tool and you should always bookmark your own content or encourage others to do so on your behalf. Be sure that your bookmarking efforts are universal and that you are not limiting your activity to marking your own sites. Be sure to actively bookmark the sites of others and find a balance in the proportion of sites you mark.

Here are a few basic tips to help you maximize your list building activites using Social Bookmarking sites:

Podcast Episode #101: James Stone Founder Leadgusher My Review

Join me for an informative and value packed interview with James Stone founder of Leadgusher (which I will review here) and a variety of other online properties. James has been writing software and business solutions for the past 27 years. I was first introduced to James by my friend Janet Legere and I have incorporated the Leadgusher system as one of my list building pillars. Leadgusher is literally a “set it and forget it” system that will pull organic traffic to your website as web-searches are made by prospects using the keywords you specify.

James Stone will share his story and tell us how the Leadgusher system was created, the methods that make it so effective at generating leads, the best methods to market the system, and how you can secure your free account and even make money marketing Leadgusher as an affiliate.

Here are the show details:

Show: The Internet Business Blueprint Podcast

When: Friday June 11th at 1:00 PM EST

Web-Host: Blog Talk Radio

Show Page:

What’s Working Now: LGN Prosperity Review

I have been posting an occasional series on my blog which I have titled “What’s Working Now.” The purpose of these post is to share with my readers the exact income programs and marketing resources I am using to create a successful online business.

If you follow me online you know that I DO NOT jump from program to program as I have been building my primary program, “Your Net Biz” for nearly three years now. I chose my programs carefully and add new programs to my business funnel that are high converting and produce consistent income. Keep in mind that I only share the winners, if a program fails to produce income in my business, you will not read about it here.

Today I want to share a program called LGN Prosperity, which is one of the fastest growing programs online and for good reason! LGN prosperity was created by well know James Ward a highly respected marketer with a proven track record and he has developed a great program.

How to Get Help from Internet Marketing Gurus

I have the great fortune of speaking with people everyday who have a strong desire or need to make money online. It might surprise you that the great majority of these new or intermediate internet marketers face the same set of challenges. I love sharing solutions.

It can be challenging figuring out how to consistently make money online – how can you create a real income? I can tell you as someone who has achieved this goal that there is a method that every guru uses but rarely talks about. What is it? It is the valuable network of people they know and partner with – you should be working on this everyday!

How much better would your business be if you personally knew experienced internet marketers, skilled programmers, and talented graphic designers? Do you think establishing a strong business and breaking through the barriers that hold you back would no longer be a serious issue for you?

If you read my blog on a regular basis you know that one of the keys to my success has been my ability to keep an open mind and endlessly looking for new information, resources and tools to allow me to break through to higher levels of success. Once I find something that delivers high value and will actually contribute to your bottom line – I share it here.
Here is a link to a valuable e-book by Simon Huey who has build a thriving business in just 3 short years online (he broke through after 9 months) and in this book he share one of the keys to his success. I just gave you a clue to what that is.