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Working with the Law of Success

Today, we conclude our series “Working with the Laws” based on the course produced by Bob Proctor and Mary Morressey titled “The 11 Forgotten Laws.” The course utilizes the work of Raymond Holliwell as summarized in his book “Working with the Law.”

The success that you are striving to create in your business and life is dependent on your mindset and your understanding of these eleven laws. By mastering these concepts you will begin to understand how to attract into your life the results that you want. By working in harmony of the laws you will begin to manifest the people, resources and opportunities needed to life the life of your dreams.

In this video I provide a recap of the prior ten lessons in addition to exploring the law of success. The underlying message is clear; God created you in his image to be prosperous and abundant. The universe functions in perfect order with a limitless supply of everything you need to manifest the life of your dreams. Your possibilities are limitless!

Working with the Law of Obedience

Today, we continue with the 10th law of our series exploring “The 11 Forgotten Laws” based on the work of Raymond Holliwell as presented by Bob Proctor and Mary Morressey.

There are many valuable principles drawn out through the law of obedience. By learning this and the other laws we gain harmony and understanding of the orderly manner by which we can achieve our highest purpose. In my Christian faith I have gained an understanding that I chose to follow God’s laws out of respect and not fear.

Working with the Law of Sacrifice

Today, we continue with the 9th law from our series exploring “The 11 Forgotten Laws” based on the work of Raymond Holliwell as presented by Bob Proctor and Mary Morressey. The law of sacrifice is activated through discipline and an understanding of a simple principle, there is always a prince and everything we want require us to sacrifice whatever we must in order to have what we want in life.

Working with the Law of Forgiveness

The power to forgive is one that is greatly underestimated and the benefits most often are for the person doing the forgiving. In this session I will explain how this law can change your life as we explore this powerful law and it’s application to your business. I have to warn you that in fulfilling my promise last week to share my first vision board with you, I ran out of time at the end of the session, so be sure to come back tomorrow when I recap the actionable principles that I want you to take away and implement in your life.

Working with the Law of Non-Resistance

The Law of Non-Resistance is a law that will serve you well in all of your relationships and casual human interactions. There are four principles that are explored in the study of this law.

1. Why you do not have to actively work against what you want, to do so sets up resistance.

2. How to work with the law for what you do want.

3. Learn to use every obstacle as a stepping stone on your journey.

4. Adopt a “relaxed attitude” letting your energy flow with ease.

In this video I share my “mind like water” concept of conflict avoidance and creation of ease in life.

Working with the Law of Increase

The Law of Increase a powerful lesson in the power of praise and practical applications to help you grow your mindset, business, and life. This law is includes maintaining a conscious mindset of praise based on the following principles.

1. Whatever you praise grows

2. Through this law we stimulate that which is good

3. The practice of formal praise is not new, it has existed throughout history among all religions

4. Praise is the amplified feeling of appreciation

5. Speaking with gratitude brings about a feeling of well being

6. Look for the good in everything and verbalize it

If you have any doubt of the power of praise, I ask you to suspend your feelings of doubt and be open to possibilities as you watch this video.

Working with the Law of Receiving

The Law of Receiving is the fourth of our eleven laws and is engaged through the act of giving. In this video I explore four key concepts to assist you in working with this law.

1. The key principle in receiving is the act of giving.

2. What is meant by giving?

3. The essence of tithing and its impact on your finances.

4. The process of receiving as activated through prayer and meditation.

Working with the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the most well know yet not completely understood of the “11 Forgotten Laws” as presented by Bob Proctor and Mary Morressey, which is the basis of this series of lessons. The law was popularized through the film “The Secret,” yet the principles are ancient and biblical. In fact they exist in the text of every major religion around the world.

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