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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

David & Kristin Morelli “Quantum Leap Your Wealth” a Special Free Tele-Seminar

It is rare that you meet a person that has developed a deep understanding of the natural laws of the universe, coupled with the ability to teach others how to harness the powers and change their lives. Needless to say meeting a husband and wife that share an equal knowledge and passion to teach these principles is almost never achieved. David and Kristin Morelli are among that rare and select group of teachers and they are about to luanch a very special program.

In this video I provide an overview of the Morelli’s “Quantum Leap Your Success” teleseminar, which will serve as a foundation for their “40 Days and 40 Nights” program. The program will only be conducted one time and it promises to be an amazing and life changing experience for those engaging in the program.

Yanik Silver’s Maverick Entreprenuer Day 4: Why Should a Customer Purchase Your Products or Services?

Thank you for joining me for day four of our 35 day journey together! Today we are going to answer the question WHY? Why should a prospect decide to join your team? Why should a customer purchase your products or services? Rule #2 addressed the need to provide value 10 times to 100 times greater than any price you charge for your products and services. Rule #3 suggested that you must charge a premium price to create a margin to provide sufficient resources to provide extraordinary service. Rule #4 suggest we step into your prospects or customers shoes and answer the questions they may ask which lead to their decision to work with you, buy from you, or continue looking for alternatives.

Maverick Entrepreneur Rule #4: “Provide a “Reason Why” customers should do business with you and pay you a premium.”

Yanik Silver’s Maverick Entreprenuer Day 3: Why You Must Charge a Premium Price

Thank you for joining me for day three of our 35 day journey! We are going to expand on the previous post exploring rule #2 “Strive to create 10 times to 100 times in value for any price you charge….” In my mortgage banking business I made a conscious decision to focus on the middle to high end market based on my desire to serve a client base that would recognize and be willing to pay for a premium service. The mortgage banking business is highly competitive and at the lower end of the market it is viewed as a commodity with borrowers searching for the lowest interest rate and fees and mortgage lenders serving those markets too eager to cut their margins to win the transaction. I have always viewed this approach as short sighted and I had no interest in competing based on lowest price.