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Your Net Biz is Still on the List of Top 10 Internet Businesses

My friend and business associate in Your Net Biz has written an excellent overview of several key benefits of the Your Net Biz direct sales business. I thought this would provide value to you as a reader of my blog. I encourage you to take a look and feel free to leave a comment.

Tatyana-Gann-Your-Net-BizAuthor: Tatyana Gann

YourNetBiz can be described as one of “the most automated system” online today.
YourNetBiz also reveals the top online marketing strategies that anyone needs to know to succeed online. With an amazing library of resources in the YourNetBiz Business back office anyone can take advantage of media vaults, marketing resources and personal development training.

YourNetBiz is creating revolution among big dawgs in the direct sales industry with its simplicity, automation and top marketing training. People are sick and tired of pretty websites with flashy videos and images with no content and no value. They want a real thing. I have been in the industry for over 10 years and I have been marketing online for the past 3 years full time, but I have never seen the company that gives so much marketing training, marketing resources and constantly adds more and more value to its library. They really under promise but over deliver big time. They show the automated way of building a successful home business through plugging people into existing tools and resources available as soon as the person joins My Internet Business. Being a a stay at home mom of two boys, the automation part plays a big role for me in spending more time with my family.

YourNetBiz, a MyInternetBusiness LLC company, a brand new online marketing and training platform, is gaining a lot of momentum in the past couple months. The business model is simple and it is a real breath of fresh air. Simplicity is the main ingredient of the success with this program.

YourNetBiz is a perfect combination of the marketing training, an advertising platform, personal development education and great leadership and amazing people such Rob Hannley and David Garven are in charge of great changes with YNB. In the past few years this community attracted many powerful leaders in the industry because of the dynamic marketing training, products they offer and high performance sales team to call our prospects and close sales on our behalf to make this business more automated.

Secondly another factor that gets attention of many Internet marketers is that “Your Net Biz” allows even a beginner to brand themselves online with Meet Your Inviter section that tells a prospect your story and it shows a business portfolio of their income streams and that is a huge factor in creation of the automated system. It is not anymore about branding a guru. As my good mentor said once that if you wanted to be successful you must become self trained and brand YOU and not a guru! Branding is another big feature that My Internet Business allows anyone to use on their marketing websites and I will make another post about branding pretty soon. YNB members can post their You Tube videos and be a tour guide which works great for a lot of us who are heavily involved into the web 2.0 marketing.

Thirdly major factor is the right type of mentoring. When someone is looking at the business, product or service they want to know if some really cares and if there is a manual to create success with this product or service. YourNetBiz provides that sense of security to a beginner and even a seasoned marketer with its powerful material available to them 24/7.

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Tatyana Gann is CEO of Global Mentors Marketing Group, specializing in marketing research, online marketing education and personal coaching.

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