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Yanik Silver’s Maverick Entreprenuer Day 4: Why Should a Customer Purchase Your Products or Services?

Thank you for joining me for day four of our 35 day journey together! Today we are going to answer the question WHY? Why should a prospect decide to join your team? Why should a customer purchase your products or services? Rule #2 addressed the need to provide value 10 times to 100 times greater than any price you charge for your products and services. Rule #3 suggested that you must charge a premium price to create a margin to provide sufficient resources to provide extraordinary service. Rule #4 suggest we step into your prospects or customers shoes and answer the questions they may ask which lead to their decision to work with you, buy from you, or continue looking for alternatives.

34-rules-book-coverMaverick Entrepreneur Rule #4:

“Provide a “Reason Why” customers should do business with you and pay you a premium.”

I am a chocoholic and I particularly love “Harry and David” truffles, they are my only true food related vice and I indulge it often. Yesterday my wife returned home from a shopping trip and presented me with a premium box of  “Harry and David Dark Chocolate Truffles’ and earned bonus points! She proceeded to tell me that the clerk  at the store tried to sell her another brand of truffles and when I asked why she said that the clerk explained that the other brand cost less and you get more truffles in each box. More chocolate at a lower price why not?

If you understand the maverick rules that have been explored thus far you know the answer, price and quantity are not the primary consideration for a consumer of premium products or services. The key is the quality of the experience as it relates to the price, it is the value that will motivate your customer to pay a premium price for a premium product or service experience.

Regardless of the product you are marketing, a high end dining experience or a box of chocolate, you must gain an understanding of the motivating factors for your chosen market. This rule applies to services as well and because a service experience is less tangible, you have an opportunity to multiply the value to the customer to a degree that they would pay any price to own the experience.

Action plan for Maverick Entrepreneur Rule #4:

1. If you do not own a copy of Yanik Silver’s “Maverick Business Insider” introduction package click here: Yanik Silver’s Give Away to obtain all of the details and claim your free package including all of the contents pictured in this post: Introduction of The BIG Idea

2. Survey your clients using this website and ask them five to ten questions that allow you to identify the factors that motivate their buying decisions and identify gaps in your marketplace.

3. Based on the results of your survey test your brand, products, and services against your customers stated desires, not your competition. The fact is that the biggest threat to your business may not be your current competitors, more likely it is an unknown player that comes along and figures out how to give your customers what they really want.

4. Once you have clearly defined the value proposition you are going to build your brand upon, develop a story around your brand. It could be where the idea for your service came from, the sourcing of a component in your product, or causes you support through your sales. It does matter what the story is as long as it is compelling.

5. Tailor your messaging to consistently illustrate WHY your customers should buy from you, give them the reasons.

6. After you have watched the video, listened to the audios,  read the book and other material in your package share this information with others in your circle and network of influence. As stated, you want to surround yourself with like minded people and introduce others to the knowledge you gain on your journey.

As you begin to act on the principles contained in this material you will find that the people, resources and opportunities required to manifest your dreams will begin to attract to you. The relationships, clients and partners needed to live a BIG life will emerge and you will be in a position to establish new and larger goals. The Maverick Business Insider philosophy is for anyone with a desire to make more money, have more fun and give more back.

In my next post: We will explore how to get paid before you deliver your products or services.

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  • Gregory McGuire

    Hi James. This post reminds me of the first coaching session I had with a super successful network marketer. The first question he asked was, “Why should anyone do business with you?” I was flummoxed.

    I hemmed and hawed, stammered and stuttered, but the truth was that I didn’t know. At that time, I possessed no value that I was aware of. That question hit me square in the face. I vowed never to be in that position again.

    So I studied hard, learned the ropes of the business, and now I have no trouble answering that question. It was an eye-opener.

    Like you say, you’ve got to give customers a “why” to do business with you. Your products and opportunity at that point are irrelevant. It all comes down to you.

    Great post, James. Thanks for all you do.