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Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Worldprofit Mentor Strategies for Internet Marketing Success

Worldprofit Mentor Podcast Teaches Online Success

I wanted to share with you the next evolution of my Internet Business Blueprint with the launch of a brand new podcast series. The series launched on Monday June 20, 2011. I will began a series of live broadcast that can be heard every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 1:00 PM EST on Blog Talk Radio.

Here is the Show Page:

The “Worldprofit Mentor Show” is a unique podcast which has been created to teach you how to leverage automated tools and viral traffic resources to create a sustainable online business and prosper from multiple income streams.

I am going to share a complete success formula including how to develop a millionaire mindset, how to create your online presence, behind the scenes overview of the viral tools that really work, unlimited free gifts from dozens of viral traffic websites, insider income producing tips and so much more.

Listeners will also gain instant access to download my blueprint which will teach you how to get 20,000 website visitors or more to any website in the next 30 days.

Throughout this series I will be showing you the exact tools and strategies I use to drive tens of thousands of visitors to my websites and blogs every month using the automated tools and resources of Worldprofit. If you own a website you will not want to miss a single episode.

Here is Episode #11 which provides a nice overview of Worldprofit:

Listen to internet radio with Worldprofit Mentor on Blog Talk Radio

To Learn More About Worldprofit go here:

For a Free Viral Traffic Package go here:

The purpose of this series of instructional broadcast is to help you understand how to use automated tools and viral traffic to grow an online business. This series will be perfect for anyone who would like to leverage free and low cost advertising resources. Stop by and join me for the live broadcast or visit the show page for a complete archive of recorded episodes every week and your business will grow.

Please note that although I am a Master Certified E-Business Consultant with Worldprofit, this is not a podcast produced or controlled by the company, I am responsible for all of the content which will be in alignment with their policies and procedures. The marketing concepts are consistent with those taught by George Kosch in his Millionaire Bootcamp Training program.

Who is George Kosch?

George Kosch, MSc is a Graduate of Royal Military College, Canada’s West Point. He advanced to the rank of Captain in the Canadian Air Force, a Top Gun pilot specializing in flying fighter jets and training future Top Gun pilots. In 1994, after carefully studying the Internet and its likely future influence, he took early retirement from the Canadian Military and with his co-founders, established Worldprofit.

Over the last 17 years, George Kosch has invented dozens of technical applications for business people, entrepreneurs and organizations worldwide, all designed to help them achieve maximum online success. Associates of Worldprofit benefit from many of these systems as part of their Silver Package.

George Kosch serves our associates with a key set of skill-sets and a unique ability to identify the most innovative tools and resources available online. He acquires rights to these products and resources for Worldprofit and implements the best of these programs for the use of Worldprofit’s associates.

I am here to help you succeed online and achieve your ideal Internet lifestyle!

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P.S. If you want to learn more about the George Kosch’s Millionaire bootcamp go here:

Millionaire Bootcamp

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