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Worldprofit Dealer Meeting Featuring James Holmes: How to Re-Purpose Dr. Jeffrey Lant’s Article Content

Worldprofit has become a central part of my business funnel both as a primary income stream and as a platform for automated traffic and SEO tools that have literally exploded my business over the past six months. Beyond receiving exceptional vaule for my monthly Worldprofit Platinum Package subscription, I have developed a significant personal mentoring relationship with Dr. Jeffrey Lant, CEO and co-founder.

During this private dealers meeting I had an opportunity to share the methods I use to re-purpose Dr. Lant’s articles into blog post, hub content, audio recordings, link wheel content, and other viral traffic funnels. I have spent the past several months perfecting my tactics and was honored to be invited by Dr. Lant to share these strategies with the members. George Kosch another company founder recorded the session and has made it available to the public – I wanted to share the video with you.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant and James Holmes on Re-Purposing Viral Articles Online

Once you have watched this video, I would encourage you to visit my Worldprofit site and claim the free Associate Membership offered there. This will provide you with an opportunity to access a number of premiums and take advantage of a variety of viral traffic resources.

I am here to help you succeed in your business and life!

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P.S. If you want to learn more about Worldprofit and claim a free associate membership visit:

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