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Working with the Law of Forgiveness

The power to forgive is one that is greatly underestimated and the benefits most often are for the person doing the forgiving. In this session I will explain how this law can change your life as we explore this powerful law and it’s application to your business.

I have to warn you that in fulfilling my promise last week to share my first vision board with you, I ran out of time at the end of the session, so be sure to come back tomorrow when I recap the actionable principles that I want you to take away and implement in your life.

In this video I share the principle that when you hold unforgiveness in your heart, you hurt yourself the most.

This video is a simulcast of my Internet Business Blueprint Podcast, my video channel is at James Holmes TV

To view the video lesson from my vidcast follow this link: Working with the Law of Forgiveness

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I wish you a blessed journey!


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