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What’s Working Now: Results of Week One Prosperity Marketing System Test

I am starting a new series of post that will appear weekly on my blog under the heading (and tagged) ‘What’s Working Now’ and it will be documented results of what I am testing in my business and what type of results I have recorded. I am constantly testing new tools, new marketing methods, and resources in an ongoing effort to make my business more efficient and profitable. I am not going to share the failures, there are always little experiments that do not work out, but I am not a product reviewer and it is not my intention to provide you with product reviews.

I am only interested in sharing with you what is working, the experiments that produced positive results. There will be times when I am testing a resource that requires an extended testing period and therefore the results may not be known for a while, but I may be compelled to share the progress I am making anyway. I may also share with you what I am considering testing next, but those post will not carry the ‘whats working now’ tag.

So, here is my first report to you. I have been running a test over the past 8 days to see how my web traffic was converting to upgrades and eventual sign-ups into one of my primary programs using the “Prosperity Marketing System.”

It will be helpful for you to read my previous post to see exactly how I set this system up. In the past 8 days I have had four “tour takers” convert into “students” and two convert into “owners” and eight automated enrollments into my business.

Here is a financial breakdown of my little test:

My Cost

1.) System Student Tuition (one-time fee) $27.00

2.) System Owner Upgrade (monthly) $19.97

Total Cost for the month $46.97

My Income

1.) Student Tuition Upgrades (one-time) $97.20

*** It pays you $24.30 on $27.00 Tuition

2.) Owner Upgrade Fees (monthly) $19.96

*** It pays you $9.98 (monthly)

3.) Enrollments into GVO $176.00

Total Income for the Week + $293.16

Less Start-Up Expense     –   $46.97

Net Profit for the week = $246.19

Not a bad rate of return for one week and the best part is that the only ongoing expense is the monthly subscription, which is more than covered by my residual subscribers commissions, so on a net basis this is now a cash-flow positive marketing channel for me. The revenue from this funnel will increase as more prospect enter into the funnel, upgrade, subscribe and enroll into GVO – at this point having a self-funded proposal with a current run rate of $12,801 annually will allow me to make some interesting choices of how to leverage these profits into additional marketing methods to leverage even greater results.

Here is the lesson: One key to success online is to establish reoccurring streams of automated income using marketing funnels that produce income streams that you can reinvest into additional marketing resource to greatly influence your personal income. The point here is not to get excited about a a couple of thousand dollars in monthly income, but what that income represents to an eventual six figure income. In addition, this system can be duplicated 100%, so that you can share this with others in your business and help them succeed.

Remember that this method can be used to build any type of online business you choose. In case you need them here are the links to the resources you will need to duplicate my test, I have provided everything that I used to produce my results.

1.) Your Prosperity Marketing System:

2.) The Method I Used to Drive Traffic:

3.) The Primary Program I Promoted:

Note: I have begun a new test of this system using an automated email marketing system that is sending 100,000 emails to double opt in opportunity seekers per month and sends then 15 pre-written auto-responder messages, that is 1.5 million messages per month – wow!

I will report back on my results of that test for you next week and if you are curious to see what I am using take a look here: Viral Mail Prospector

If you decide to take action on the methods that I am sharing with you here, be sure to provide me with your feedback, I would love to hear about your results. Now, with respect to the FTC Rules related to the results that I have shared here, keep in mind that they are my results and your results may be better or worse depending on a number of factors. There are no ‘typical’ results as the bundling together of this set of programs is something I have done and as indicated, I have been running this test for a short period of time.

Remember, I am here to help you succeed!

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