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What is the Traffic Exchange Summit?

Have you heard of the Traffic Exchange Summit? If you haven’t and assuming you are  somehow connected to the traffic exchange industry as an owner, advertiser, or surfer – you soon will.  The summit was born out of a desire among a large group of traffic exchange enthusiast to find ways to improve our industry and move traffic exchanges into a position of broader acceptance across the entire Internet marking and online advertising niches.

I wanted to provide you with a complete introduction and invite you to join in this effort. These is a role for anyone who uses traffic exchanges and overtime, I believe that this movement will produce real results for everyone involved and support the industry as a whole.

Here is an interview that was conducted by William Brant for Affiliate Funnel, I was asked to participate as a guest for a recent Affiliate Funnel Training webcast and we focused exclusively on the Traffic Exchange Summit and the funny and random way in which it was started.

William Brant and James Holmes Recorded on February 5, 2011

You Can Also Hear the Interview Here: Affiliate Funnel Interview

What is the Traffic Exchange Summit?

Collectively, we want to make improvements to the traffic exchange industry to benefit everyone who uses them or has built a business around them, so this would include owners, ancillary product developers, advertisers, and of course our members – those who surf the  exchanges. It is perhaps easier to define what the summit is not than to try to explain what it will become – it is evolving organically, so the community en mass will determine the direction.

What the Traffic Exchange Summit is Not

The summit is not a formal traffic exchange association, a effort to form a union of owners, it is not a consumer arbiter, a governor of rules, regulations, standards or anything resembling the same. When the idea for the summit was announced it become immediately apparent that any effort to create such a formal structure would be met with resistance and really was not desired by any of the stake holders in the industry.

The nature of the Internet is that an open environment exist which allows entrepreneurs a tremendous amount of freedom to create businesses that reflect there individual ideas and standards of their own choosing. This is no less the case for traffic exchange owners and those who use exchanges to promote their opportunities, products and services. So the essence of the summit is something quite different that you might expect.

Is the Traffic Exchange Summit An Actual Event?

The summit is a daily initiative that is growing organically and we have had plenty of discussions about creating a virtual ir  live event. It is very likely that we will host a online summit event in 2011 and potentially a live event in 2012 – stay tuned.

To Learn More Visit the New Blog-Site!

We have create a new blog to use as a communications portal and to feature the traffic exchanges and member who have engaged in the summit.

The blog is organized logically with a few specific categories which include:

About – A fast start guide to understanding who we are and what we intent to accomplish

Blog – A collaboration of post from a variety of members among our members

Events – A calendar of we-conferences and events related to the traffic exchange industry

Promo Codes – Free advertising coupons provided by our members who are program owners

Contributors – Short profiles of those who are contributing content to our blog

Advertise – A great way to support our mission by advertising on our blog. Proceeds are used to manage and market the site

We will be posting on a variety of topics which include:

Advice – How to leverage traffic exchange to build your brand, grow you list, and convert sales

Branding – All about personal and business branding to include social media mastery

Events – More than just where, but what and how to make the most of these events

List Building – Tools, resources and how to list building advice using traffic exchanges

Promotions – We will enthusiastically promote the traffic exchanges that are members of the summit

Reviews – Independent reviews of new traffic exchanges and associated products as they are launched

To learn more and ENGAGE visit: Traffic Exchange Summit Blog

I would love to hear your thoughts on the summit and what you think can be done to improve traffic exchanges from your point if view. Please post a comment below and be sure to “like” this article on Facebook or post it to your favorite social bookmarking sites.

I am here to help you succeed!

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