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Viral Marketing Using Your Browser and Solomon Huey’s Viral Traffic Frenzy

As I matured as a marketer, I came to appreciate the leverage I gained using viral marketing systems, and the secrets I have learned to drive targeted traffic. Think of it this way, while I am working on the more dollar product activities in my business these viral resources marketing for me. These systems work by sharing my content across the Internet driving traffic and back-links to my websites. This viral traffic and link generation network is perpetual and virtually runs on auto-pilot.

The fact that these vial traffic systems are free or available at nominal cost, should make your decision to set up a viral funnel of your own a complete no brain’r, in other words a very easy decision. If you opt into my blog subscriber list you will receive a step by step coaching from me delivered over the next few weeks sent directly to your email inbox. I am going to share the exact sites and methods I use to make my funnel work.

Today, I want to introduce you to a new viral advertising site that will allow you to generate traffic doing what you probably already do everyday, use Firefox, Explorer or Safari to access websites. Viral Traffic Frenzy was just launched today by my friend Solomon Huey and combines a neat little piece of computer code with Solomon’s ability to create high value membership sites resulting in a free solution that works on auto-pilot.

Viral Traffic Frenzy incorporates a custom toolbar installed on your web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari), in the same way those you may already be using. The code developers of this toolbar have built this product free of viruses or malware, so you do not have to worry about installing Viral Traffic Frenzy to your browser.

The installation is very fast and easy with a simple download and installs in a few clicks. It will only take a couple of minutes for set-up and you will instantly begin earning traffic and advertising credits for the network.

Installation Set-Up One:

Installation Set-Up Two:

During the set-up process you will create text and banner ads promoting your websites. Once your ads are set and saved into the system they will go into rotation, they will be displayed within the toolbars of other Viral Traffic Frenzy members. While you are browsing text ads appear on the Viral Traffic Frenzy toolbar every time you visit a new webpage. For every ad that displays on the toolbar, you earn advertising credits – pretty simple.

There is nothing new that needs to be done, when you visit Google, check your email, visit Facebook, read the news, etc, you will earn credits. Better than this, every time a new page loads, you’re earning additional advertising credits and you can use those credits to advertise your sites on the network.

Another aspect of this program that I love is that it is free to join, better yet, if you want to maximize your results and start with a tremendous amount of credits and other bonuses, you can pay for a modest upgrade and really drive the traffic and sales. I am an upgraded member and the value is extremely good.

The final point I want to share is that there is a very lucrative affiliate program that you will become an instant member of when you join Viral Traffic Frenzy. As a result, you can promote your sites, earn credits, and earn commissions by sharing this site online.

You Can Claim Your Free Viral Traffic Frenzy Membership Here:

Viral Traffic Frenzy

Here is a quick overview of the program based on my set-up and use of the website.


* Getting great advertising was never so easy and fast. The Viral Traffic Frenzy Toolbar really delivers and has the power to increase your traffic and most importantly make you more money

* You can literally visit any website online and earn traffic with no effort at all, which means more traffic and sales coming your way – this is unique

* Your advertising leverage will increase quickly, thanks to the viral aspect of Viral Traffic Frenzy. Basically, your downlines earn you traffic down to 10 levels.

* A very generous affiliate program that pays excellent commissions. With an extremely easy to use program and a proven owner. Expect to have many of your referrals upgrade.

* Completely free to join, though an upgraded membership will multiply your results and increase your potential sales


* Need to install the Viral Traffic Frenzy Toolbar – though this only takes a couple of minutes and you’ll only need to do it once

I have found that Viral Traffic Frenzy does everything Solomon promises and my results have been great. Although you need to install their toolbar, it is easily done and only has to be done once, you can then enjoy free traffic for life.

Since the “Gold Membership” is being offered free during the launch of the site, I highly recommend joining and giving it an honest try, I think you will be surprised by your results. Please be sure to return here and post a comment and let me know what you think of this site and he traffic you are able to generate virally.

I am here to help you succeed!

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Here is the link again – join today! Viral Traffic Frenzy

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