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Twitter to Introduce New Features True or False?

Over the weekend I read an interesting post on Tech Crunch by MG Siegler a regular contributor at Tech Crunch. This post is titled “Twitter to Add Nifty Site Features that May make You Forget Third-Party Clients”  and was in response to a tweet by Alex Payne @al3x on Twitter, a Tech Crunch staff member.

I personally have not used Twitter’s own interface ( with any regularity in several months. I became a Tweet Deck (a third party application to assist with site management) user because I like the interface and found that it was far more user friendly and allowed me to better manage information, replies, and follows using Tweet Deck’s multi-column desktop application.

I have now integrating what I believe to best the best third-party application available for the Twitter user who manages multiple accounts, marketers on the site, or wants to extend their brand identity through Twitter, which is a very powerful use of the site. It is called “MarketMe Tweet” and it is phenomenal!

I have always said that the Twitter platform is the property of it’s creators and we have the privilege of utilizing the site within their terms  of service to use it any way that we see fit. Millions of uses for millions of users – free of charge.

In consideration of this fact, I am fine with Twitter making any changes they see fit and if the platform one day no longer meets my needs, I will graciously move on and be grateful for the time I spent leveraging Twitter. It has transformed many aspects of my business.

It will be interesting to see what these new features are and I am certain that the “O Auth Secure” third party application developers will create new applications based on any new features Twitter introduces. I do not see application developers fading away – unless of course Twitter wants them to do so, but again it is their site.

If you would like to see the third-party client I am switching to, you can visit the developers site here and take a brief video tour of the application: MarketMe Tweet Tour

I am here to help you succeed in your business!

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P.S. A review of @al3x Twitter stream would indicate that the cat was let out of the bag or perhaps his tweet was mis-interpreted. Oh those 140 characters!

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