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Traffic Exchange Summit Updates

Traffic Exchange Summit Updates

The Traffic Exchange Summit was formed in March 2011 by a large group of owners and customers of traffic exchanges. The core idea behind the summit in part was a desire to increase the awareness and effective use of advertising exchanges amount the broader Internet marketing community. You can read about the founding of the summit and the initial ideas here:

What is the Traffic Exchange Summit

Today, I wanted to update you on the status of the Traffic Exchange Summit and provide a glimpse of where we are going as we move ahead in the coming months. I have separated this information by category in order to present it in a logical format.

#1.) Traffic Exchange Summit Social Network and Community

We have an established social community with over 2,000 members and growing daily. This is a place where you can connect with other members, share your content (no spamming), post videos,  share photographs, join groups, participate in groups, comment and start threads in our forum, and much more.

The social network is hosted with the Ning Network, which is an advantage because we attract people who are active on Ning and looking for online marketing and Internet business help. We already have some of the key leaders in the advertising exchange niches as members and I encourage you to join and set up your free profile today. There is never going to be a charge to hold maintain your membership and by becoming active, you have the potential to dramatically increase your business result and network reach.

This network under it’s former purpose had grown to over 3200 members of which about 1280 where found to be spammers or individuals not truly interested in the advertising exchange niche. I have just completed the process of purging those members and deleting all of there posted content including blogs and forum threads in order to provide you with a valuable membership base  to engage. In addition, all new members joining are placed in to a “pending membership que,” which allows me to confirm they are legitimate prior to accepting their request for membership.

Social Network Here:Traffic Exchange Summit Community

My intention is to establish a high value community worthy of your time in being an active member.

#2.) Traffic Exchange Summit Blog

I have just completed another update to the evolution on the blog-site.  The main catagories under which the members of the summit will benefit have been established as follows:




List Building

Promo Codes



Under each of these categories the readers on the summit blog will receive tremendous benefit from the training, resources, tools and special offers posted to the proper area of the site.

To learn more and ENGAGE visit: Traffic Exchange Summit Blog

One significant change to the blog is a “membership requirement,” which is free to join and needed to access the special offer sections of the site as well as the “promo code vault.” I have instituted this free membership requirement to ensure that those who benefit from the generosity of  the contributing program owners are actually engaged in the mission of the summit by being member. Please stay tuned for notification when the membership functions are in operational.

#3.) Traffic Exchange Summit Web-Conferences

Initially I had intended on creating a stand alone weekly web-conference for the summit, which would be open to anyone wanting to learn more and participate.  After thinking through this and considering that there already exisit a very full weekly conference calendar , I have decided to compbine te S.W.A.T. Conference, Boot Scootin Traffic Conference (both exchanges that I own) and the Traffic Exchange Summit conference into one weekly event.

Begin this week the agenda my Wednesday evening conference will include content related to the summit and the conference will be co-branded featuring all three membership groups. Here are the details to access the conference:

Dates: Every Wednesday Evening

Time: 8:00 to 9:00 PM EST


The conference is open to the public and guest are invited to share their audio,. video and text comments as well as engaging socially with the attendees. Please note this replaces the previously announced Tuesday morning summit webcast program.

There is much more to come as we begin to reach out to owners of the initial 36 traffic exchanges that have signed up to support this summit project. I will be asking for a tangible method of support to benefit the members, including promo codes, special membership offers, training or any-other valuable means of support to the broader community. For ideas on how you can help read the welcome message posted on the summit blog-site.

** Please do support the traffic exchanges that are paying advertisers on our blog, which allows up to market the summit project.

Here are our financial sponsors links:

Help Hits

List Effects

Live Traffic Network

Zoot Host

1 Modern Solution

Aloha Discovery Hits

Blue Streak Hits

Lucid Leads

S.W.A.T. Prospector

Tezak Traffic Power

Top Flight Traffic

Traffic Jam Pro

I would love to hear your thoughts on the summit and what you think can be done to improve traffic exchanges from your point if view.

I am here to help you succeed!

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P.S. Feel free to visit and Join the Traffic Exchange Summit Social Network:

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