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Traffic Exchange Owners Live on the Internet Business Blueprint Podcast

Have you ever wanted to get behind the curtain meet the men and women who own and operate the most popular traffic exchanges on the Internet. For the first time ever many of the leading owners are gathering for series of podcast interviews where you will hear their personal stories, learn about their exchanges and benefit from their advice on how to maximize your use of traffic exchanges.

In total there will be 10 interviews conducted over 5 days for a total of 10 hours of amazing content and actionable advice to help you launch your traffic and list building strategy.

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Here is the line up!

Monday, October 4th, 2010
Tim Linden, StartXchange at 1:00pm

Startxchange has a number of unique member
features and over 83,000 members. Tim also
co-owns Sweeva and TE Tool Box.

Tony Tezak, Tezak Traffic Power at 3:00pm

Tezak Traffic Power is a “New School” exchange
that consistently rewards it’s active members.
Tony has amazing knowledge to share and a
heartfelt desire to share it!

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010
Lynn McCutheon, Traffic Pro-X at 1:00pm

Lynn McCutheon is a very vocal advocate for
traffic exchange industry and her exchange is
one with an interesting history to explore.

Robert Puddy, Advertising Know How at 3:00

Robert Puddy believes in being different and he
has developed an amazing portfolio of traffic
generating and money making sites!

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010
Randy Ritter, Top Flight Traffic at 1:00pm

Randy Ritter has a very clean and fun to surf
and as he is a new friend I will be eager to hear
and share Randy’s story.

Marc Eglon, Jetstream Traffic at 3:00pm

Marc Eglon share a few golden nuggets with me
last year that totally changed the way I looked
at traffic exchanges… He will spill the beans!

Thursday, October 7th, 2010
Guido Nussbaum, Traffic Witch at 1:00pm

Guido is seemingly everywhere and in addition
to being a TE owner, he is a master and free
giveaway event. We have a lot to discuss!

John Guanzon, ThumbVu at 3:00pm

John is one of my best friends in the traffic
exchange niche. He specializes in list building
with great effect!

Friday, October 8th, 2010
Jon Olson, I Love Hits at 3:00pm

I have to say that Jon Olson has changed my
life… how? He sold his beloved S.W.A.T. traffic
to me and now must be considers a mentor.

Kym Robinson, Traffic Showdown at 6:00pm

I love Kym’s energy and so will you. Kym is a
classic Aussie – very cool! A fabulous marketer.
The perfect interview to end our week!

Each podcast will feature one owner for a lively one hour feature interview and you will be given a number of special premium gifts courtesy of the traffic exchange community – this is going to be fun and informative.

Go Here to sign up for a free virtual ticket and daily gifts from members of the TE Community:

If you currently market and list build with traffic exchanges you will not want to miss these interviews. If you are new to traffic exchanges or do not know what they are you will want to join us as this will be eye opening for you and could impact your business in a very powerful way.

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I am here to help you succeed in your business and life!

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