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Traffic Exchange Mastery 10 Action Steps to Success

10 Action Steps to Help You Achieve Success with Traffic Exchanges

I had the pleasure yesterday to conduct a guest training at Janet and Don Legere’s Saturday web-conference. I always welcome any opportunity to work with Janet Legere because she is a true professional with a passion to help her followers build sustainable businesses. If I can contribute to her mission in some small way… count me in!

To make it even better the topic of our training was “how to master traffic exchanges” and we had a group of 55 dedicated home-based business owners and Internet marketers who decided to invest their time and join us. It was a tremendous hour long session and I appreciate all of the great feedback that I have read in the blogs and I am glad that Janet, Don and I were able to provide value to the attendees.

Recorded Saturday September 17, 2011

I highly recommend Janet Legere’s Weekly Training

Be sure to take notes as you watch the video and take action on what you learn. The key to making web-conferences and other trainings work is to take massive action and apply what you have learned. Never be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone or  fear failure. Action wins over perfection every time!

Here are the 10 Traffic Exchange Mastery Tips I shared in the conference:

  1. Master 5 traffic exchanges at a time by setting up your profile, downline builder, ads – websites, banners, text, manage your credits
  2. Always use Tracking Links
  3. Always use Rotators
  4. Budget 1500 to 3000 credits per month per exchange, you want you sites in rotation 24/7 and 365
  5. Promote your exchanges to build downlines in the exchange and earn more credits
  6. Fund your upgrades and credits from commissions earned
  7. Test and adapt your campaigns and ads based on conversions
  8. Leverage the social sites to build relationships and extend your brand
  9. Use time management tools they save you time and money
  10. Consistently add new exchanges as you master those you have joined

As I said in previous post, I owe much of my successes to key relationships I have formed in conference rooms and I hope this recording courtesy of Janet and Don will help you achieve similar results. Please take a few moments to scroll down to the bottom of this post and share your comments.

I am here to help you succeed in business and life!

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P.S. If you want to learn more about Janet and her work Join: Contact List Builder

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  • Janet Legere

    James, thank you so much for such a GREAT call Saturday, I was excited with the interaction of our guests, they really learned a great deal.

    I look forward to doing it again soon :-)

    It is an honour and a privilege to work with you and call you my friend.

    Thanks again,

    Janet Legere
    The Contact List Builder

  • JamesHolmesOnline

    Hey Janet – Thank you… There is such power when we are aligned with a shared purpose and have the good fortune to be surrounded by action takers. I appreciated the invitation and would come back anytime.

    Have a blessed day!