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Top Tier Mailer by Matthew Graves a Full Review

Mathew Graves has launched site Top Tier Mailer a new brand of mailer

If you have been watching the gurus lately you are already aware that Solo ADs and Targeted Viral Mailings represent two of the three top trends in effective Internet marketing today. I have used both for years and they work… here is a brand new mailer that you have to try.

My friend Matthew Graves just launched a new viral mailer which has advanced features on the market for getting you signups and sales. The site is called Top Tier Mailer and it gives you two ways to mail members without needing credits.  In addition, you can transfer your credits from Matthews other sites Web Biz Insider, Top Tier Traffic, and Splash Page Surfer into the new site… use your credits were they benefit you the most. This is a huge advantage.

In addition to buying or transferring credits you can also earn credits by reading other member’s emails sent to your in-box as well as by visiting their websites. You can then use those credits to send your emails and websites out to other members. This is valuable but not unique, there are several unique features that really take Top Tier Mailer to a new level.

I also love the fact that active members are rewarded at Top Tier Mailer though the dynamic matrix structure. Members who are the most active in reading email and clicking the enclosed links earn mailing rights. There weekly ‘Leader-board’ of members who have earned the most weekly credits. At the end of each week, the most active members earn access to email members for the following week without having to use their credits. The higher you are on the Leader-board, the more members you can email… brilliant!

>> Join Matthew’s Site Here:

** If you join with this specific link, send an email to me at and I will send you a massive package of bonuses.

Track Your Ads to Ensure Success

We also have the most complete tracking and analysis of any mailer program on the Internet. We bring top marketer level tracking to the masses. When you send an email, you will be able to see how many have been sent, how many were undeliverable (bounced), the number of emails read, and the number of visitors clicked.

You can also target follow up emails as well. You can send a follow up email to only those who read or clicked your previous email, or only to those who did not read the last email. These types of sequential mailings have much better results than simply blasting your email to everyone each week. You get to use our system with all the targeting of the best auto-responder systems out there!

Benefit by Becoming a Premium Member

You can join as a free member, which is fine but there are tremendous benefits for becoming a Premium Member of Top Tier Mailer and should be seriously considered in order to leverage your time and maximize your results.

  • 2,500 Weekly Mailing Credits
  • Get Double Credits for Reading Emails Earn Credits Faster By Reading Emails in Digest (1 email per day with all emails in it)
  • Daily Email Digest Prevents In-box Overload (1 email per day with all emails in it)
  • Send Emails Every 3 Days (free members every 7 days)
  • Unlimited Banner Impressions (no credits needed)
  • Random Referrals Added To Your Downline (yearly membership only)
  • Earn 50% Commissions (Free members earn 10%)

You can upgrade to a Premium Membership on either an affordable monthly or discounted yearly basis. Both options provide weekly allocations of mailing credits, increased mailing frequency, free banner rotation, as well as advanced targeting and tracking. Premium Members also earn five times greater commissions on the purchases of members that you refer to the site. Free Members earn 10% commission, Premium Members earn 50%… so it is considerable. Yearly Premium Members get random referrals from all site owner promotions allowing you to earn commissions without promoting the site yourself.

How to Make Money Marketing with Top Tier Mailer

The best way to make money with Top Tier Mailer is to follow a simple formula allowing you to earn by promoting your present opportunities as a priority as well as promoting Top Tier Mailer as an affiliate. The key to success for online marketers is consistency in driving traffic and promoting valuable offers while building a responsive subscriber list.

Step #1. Upgrade your account to maximize your membership… you won’t regret it!

Step #2. Promote offers that are high quality, provide value, and convert well

Step #3. Write a compelling headline or your email campaigns (tip: end your email with a ?)

Step #4. Write a short and compelling email message with the goal of having the reader click your link

Step #5. Test your test your mask and track your links to test results

Step #6. Send your traffic to a simple bullet point or video squeeze page… build your list

Step #7. Send your email promotions everyday… this is critical to your success

How to Make money promoting Top Tier Mailer as an Affiliate

By promoting as an affiliate you will earn commissions paid to your Pay Pal or Alert Pay account every Friday after a 14 day waiting period. Focus on making sales every week and you will receive deposit to your account every Friday. You should promote Top Tier Mailer to earn cash and credits to support your marketing campaigns.

The best place to advertise Top Tier Mailer is other online advertising sites. People who are active members on viral mailers, safelist, and traffic exchanges are there because they need traffic and continually look for new places  to advertise their businesses. These are by far the best prospects and source of new members for Top Tier Mailer, so start there.

If you have built a responsive list, your subscribers will appreciate your recommendation to a valuable marketing resource and therefore I would suggest sending your affiliate link to your list. If you own a product or membership site be sure to notify your customers and provide a tangible bonus.

I am here to help you build a successful online business empowering you to change your life. One way that I can provide the most value to you is by sharing the tools and resources that are working for me. Be sure to take action on my advice here and if you decide to become a member let me know so that I can send your bonuses.

Have a blessed day!

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P.S. Here is the link you will need to use:

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  • Martin Mailley

    Oh yes have known Matthew Graves for some time and have had one on one assistance where needed for my 18000 downline

  • andrewstark

    Hi James

    Good review, the idea of 1 email with all the credit links sounds good, will save a lot of time. What are the prices for all of the offers?



  • Ethan Poltrack

    Yeah, I joined and am paying as an upgraded member and I don’t mean to be negative and I’m not but its still not open yet and its a day past the scheduled date plus he took my money like a week ago and Im going to get charged again every 30 days so Im going on day 9 with no service yet. Doesnt make much sence to me… we will see what happens

  • JamesHolmesOnline

    Hello Ethan – Thank you for commenting and I do not take what you have said as negative. It is 100% typical when a viral mailer or safelist opens that the owner delays mailing privlidges until the membership size grows large enough to make mailing practical.. typically 2,000 to 3,000 members.

    Consider a site that gives members the opportunity to mail to 2,000 members every 3 days. What value is present if there are a few hundred members in total to mail to? For this reason program owner pause mailing for a couple of weeks and I have seen up to a month after the launch date.

    The best way to leverage the site until then is to promote the site to grow the membership, build your downline, and earn commissions.

    Be sure to comment once you  have had a chance to mail a few times and let me know your trhoughts. I am confident you will gain benefit from this site.

    Have a blessed week!


  • Amy M

    I don’t know why these people waste their time in developing such nuisance. God knows how many people read these type of  mails. Absolute junk!

  • JamesHolmesOnline

    Hello Amy – Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I am not sure what God knows, but I know ‘exactly’ how many people open my email promotions sent through safe-list and viral mailers because I track every email to include click through rates and conversions to opt-ins and/or sales.

    I am not aware if you have ever actually tried using these types of sites and tracked results or if your opinion is based on intuition or what you have heard from others. I have used this platform as just one of many pillars of marketing for over four years.

    In addition, these types of sites are great for marketers on a budget as well as a great place to test ‘subject lines’ and ‘email copy’ before placing more expensive premium solo ads or ad swaps.

    I hope insight from someone who has learned to make these types of sites work ads value to the conversation and I welcome your future comments.

    Have a blessed week!


  • JamesHolmesOnline

     Hello Andrew – Once you have signed up for your free account at Top Tier Mailer you will be able to access both monthly and annual bonus offers should you chose to upgrade.

    Thank you for commenting on my post.

    Have a blessed day!


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    Thanks a lot James. I was looking for some basic guidelines to start up my online marketing venture. Actually I am really new to this. Think this will help me a lot. Will tell you my success story.

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