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Top 10 Internet Marketers to Watch Closeout 2011

Who Are the Top 10 Internet Marketers to Watch 2011

A top ten list of internet marketers is always subjective and I am certain you will have a name or two to add to my list. From where I sit here are the top 10 Internet marketers to watch in the later half of 2011 and beyond. This is not a Internet Marketing Popularity list or a list of social media celebrities, I will get to that in a future blog post. I have compiled this list based on two key criteria; first, these marketers have a proven track record of creating products, tools, and resources that work. Second, every person on this list has a proven training system(s) that have successfully taught others how to make money as well.

01. Jeremy Shoemaker – Through his brand ShoeMoney, Jeremy is the real deal and delivers amazing value in both his free and paid courses and other online resources. The ShoeMoney Blog is among the most popular with experienced Internet marketers and entrepreneurs. Jeremy has a very compelling personal story and appeals to me as being “real” as well as a very creative and accomplished marketer. He sincere desire to serve his follows puts him on my list of recommended marketers.

Grab the ShoeMoney’s Free 12 Week IM Course Here: Xtreme Internet Marketing

02. Ewen Chia -I read a book almost 2 years ago that completely changed the way I looked at the Internet; the book was called “How I Made My First Million on the Internet” by Ewen Chia and it was as if I had just been the keys to unlock affiliate marketing success. It is one thing to be able to consistently win the biggest affiliate launches, it is quite another to teach others the exact formulas that create those results and make them duplicate.  Ewen Chia does this effectively with every product he releases.

Get Ewen Chia’s Internet Success Formula Free Here: Internet Success Formula

03. Mack Michaels – ClickBank is the most active marketplace for affiliate marketers and Mack has helped thousands make real income selling ClickBank products and other affiliate programs. I originally learned about Mack as a member of his successful Maverick Money Makers program and enjoy his “big thinker” approach to helping his students succeed.

Never one to rest on past successes, Mack has recently launched a new exclusive wealth creation club called “Millionaire Society” and it has the potential of being even bigger and have greater impact than Maverick Money Makers. I am excited to see how many people learn to make sic-figure incomes from this new venture.

To Access Mack Michael’s New Program Go Here: Millionaire Society

04. Jeremy “Sterling” Frandsen and Jason “Jay” Van Orden – I really like these guys and I am a regular listener of their podcast. Sterling and Jay are master coaches when it comes to teaching you what you need to know to succeed online. They have evolved their business and teaching model over the past year and their Internet Business Mastery Academy is perfectly suited to add value for both the novice and accomplished marketer.

Grab Sterling and Jay’s Free 3 Pillars Report Here: Three Pillars Report

05. Dr. Jeffrey Lant -Along with his business partner and co-founders Sandi Hunter and George Kosch, Dr. Lant has created one of the most successful Internet marketing training companies of all time. Worldprofit was founded in 1994, has maintained fully accredited status with the Better Business Bureau for 11 years, and has built a associate membership base of over 1 million members. During there 16 year history they have training many of the top marketers working online today and helped thousands of people make money online. Worldprofit continues to evolve their platform with a emphasis on automated traffic, SEO tools, and information marketing resources for their members.

Grab a Free Associate Account at Worldprofit Here: Millionaire Bootcamp

06. Jason Fladlien – A true rock star marketer and at the gentle age of twenty something Jason will be creating dynamic and money getting programs for many years to come. Jason forte is presenting powerful webinars designed to teach you how to create valuable information products and traffic getting techniques to sell them. I have learned a tremendous amount about leveraging the free report model from Jason and I recommend claiming your free downloads of Jason’s 32 reports, read one or two that appeal to you and implement what you learn to see rapid results.

Grab Jason Fladlien’s Free Reports Here: 32 Free Reports

07. Bill McRea – Automated software is the latest frontier for online marketers. Many of the methods that marketers have used in the past 3 to 5 years are no longer effective and the leveraging points using website traffic and automation software has become the tipping point. Bill McRea through his McRae Soft Solutions has developed several high value cost effective software products for marketers. Bill is at the leading edge of the next big opportunity online and therefore worthy of inclusion on my list.

See Bill McRea’s Latest Go Here: Above the Matrix

08. Ryan Deiss – I have purchased more than half a dozen products from Ryan Deiss over the past couple of years and I highly recommend his products because they provide practical, no-nonsense tips, and resource recommendations to create sustainable income online. Through a couple transitions over the past two years, Ryan’s business and influence has grown.

See Ryan Deiss’ New Social Media Project Go Here: Let’s Get Social

09. Mike G (Glaspie) – I recently met Mike G although I have been aware of him from my earliest days online. Mike G is the master at creating a literal web of links integrated into a variety of sales funnels that literally giveaway high value training through instant download for an opt-in into his list. Over the past decade that list has grown to nearly 1 million people, many of whom have been able to achieve full-time incomes working with Mike G through his coaching programs and income programs.

Mike has been around a long time, but he has a leading edge new program in the mobile/SMS space that will create thousands of new success stories.

Grab one of Mike Glaspie’s Free Offers Go Here: ICANetwork

10. Russell Brunson – Russell Brunson briefly disappeared from my top 10 list in 2010 as it seemed the team the Dot Com Secrets and Second Tier team where revising there platform. I noticed that Russell removed some of the dated products from the market and even sold off his popular forum site. I recently reviewed the new platform as an affiliate saw a glimpse of what is on the agenda in the months ahead. I don’t think all of their systems are set to promote, but I would keep an eye on this as a very solid affiliate program to add to your funnel. For now, I would suggest taking a tour and opting into their training and take action on what you learn.

Review Russel Brunson’s Underground Traffic Course Here: Dark Side of Dot Com Secrets

I would love to read who is on your list of top marketers to watch. Please feel free to post a comment and include a list of your own. Who knows you just might introduce us to someone new who is making an impact online.

I am here to help you succeed online and achieve your ideal Internet lifestyle!

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