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The Automated Sales Funnel Part 3: Ethical Bribes

This is a recording of “The Saturday Morning Coffee Call” on the topic of how to create a high quality series of ethical bribes to attract qualified prospects into your sales funnel. What is an ethical bribe and how to you deliver value through a free opt-in gift or low cost offer.

If you missed the first two lessons be sure to go back and listen to those as well. You will want to have a complete understanding of how this list building and front-end sales model works. Lessons one and two will provide you with a solid foundation and ensure that you do not skip any critical steps in the process.  Keep in mind that each session builds towards a overall understanding of how to put this model to use in your business to help you build a responsive list and add value for your subscribers.

Here is the Recording:

What is Covered?

  • How to reprogram your mindset to make this system work
  • How to create a credible ethical bride that people will want
  • How to position your free offer without diminishing the value
  • How to give more value and exceed your subscribers expectations
  • Actionable tips on how to successfully build your ethical bribe

What is the Saturday Morning Coffee Call?

The “Saturday Coffee Call for Home Based Entrepreneurs” is a community call hosted by James Holmes. This call is open to anyone interested in home based business success. The call is designed to share ideas, discuss your biggest challenges to help you break through and help you succeed in your current business or start new one. It doesn’t matter if you are new or an advanced marketer – there will be actionable information here for you every week!

Here is a link to the Call Home Page: The Saturday Morning Coffee Call

Be sure to post a comment or offer your feedback on the call.

I am here to help you succeed in your business and life!

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