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That Free Thing Review and Recommendation

That Free Thing Works!

I was introduced to “That Free Thing” by a good friend and business partner and immediately saw the value and paid the $25 membership fee. Knowing how much my family enjoys dining out and our monthly entertainment budget made this an easy decision. I knew that I would save more than the $9.95 monthly fee if I just used one offer in the member area of the site – my actual monthly saving has been about $150 plus I have received tons of free stuff!

In addition to the shear benefit of the discount coupons and free give-away items, this membership has proven to be more beneficial than Groupon because you also have the opportunity to participate in their compensation plan as part of your membership.

 This Video Explains the Entire Concept!

You Can Join Here Today

It is easy to get started and you will immediately receive 5 free gifts – it could be a meal, cup of coffee, movie tickets, books, music, clothing, airline tickets and a lot more. The best part about it is that the services being given to you are from major retail and consumer brand companies including:

American Airlines

Block Buster

Continental Airlines

Dell Computer

Hard Rock Cafe

Mercedes Benz


Ted’s Montana Grill

and more …

To join “That Free Thing” go here: Join That Free Thing

Once you have joined you will have full access to the members area and online access to all of the past and present free offers. You can select freebies from a number of categories including: clothes, education, electronics, entertainment, food & drink, health & beauty, home & garden, kids, samples, software, travel and more.

Your membership will include a copy of the book “The Legal Thief” by co-founder S. Andrew Fraser as will as access to the Mobile App that will alert you when a free offer is in your present location. Imagine walking through your local mall and instantly being alerted that the store you are in front of has a free t-shirt or product sample available to you immediately.

 I would love to read your comments and let me know if you have used services like Groupon. I am interested in knowing if you see value in leveraging an web-based coupon and free gifts site would add freedom to your life-style. Please scroll down to the bottom of this post and leave a comment and thank you for reading my blog.

I am here to help you succeed online and achieve your ideal Internet lifestyle!

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