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Thank You to All Who Have Served and Sacrificed for the Cause of Freedom

Freedom has always come at a cost… some pay the ultimate price for the rest of uswe honor those who have served and sacrificed.

 I wanted to take a moment to pause and say thank you to everyone who in any capacity has served in the United States Military. As an entrepreneur I strive daily to achieve my goals for both financial and time freedom, I recognize that freedom of any type comes at a cost. Further, I recognize that living in a free country as we do in America makes it possible to build businesses and pursue worthy personal goals and for that I am grateful.

Everyone of us are connected by a common history that has often required bravest among us to put on a uniform and fight for the cause of freedom. Those brave enough to answer the call have set aside personal interest and departed from loving families to serve all of us. These brave heroes have earned our love and respect. We owe every one of them individually an enormous debt of gratitude. Thank you!

Heaven Was Needing A Hero – Fallen Soldier Tribute

 We appreciate their families who had to say good bye

This year I have had the privileged as a business owner to participate in an promotion within the ad exchange industry which honors service men and women around the world. Our collective effort called ‘Surfing 4 the Troops,’ which is the brainchild of Justin and Marie Perrelet has been a huge success. A large group of friends from our traffic exchange community including Justin and Marie, Sam and Deb Burgess, James Dias and others have come together to make Surfing 4 the Troops a worthy endeavor.

We have come together to raise awareness of Red Shirt Friday.’

I encourage you to take a moment over the next couple of days to pause in honor our heroes, those who have fallen, those who actively serve, and those who made it home and were honorably discharged.

God bless America and thank you to our troops!

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  • Marilyn Martin

    James this was such an awesome post you wrote today about the great men and women that serve and put their lives on the line every day. They truly are heroes! I am so glad that people give these men and women the proper honor and respect they deserve, unlike the Vietnam War times. Most of the people serving are very young men and women that unselfishly “volunteered” to serve their country.There was no draft that made them serve, this was done entirely of their own free will, and that speaks so loudly about the heart and souls of these individuals. Each and every person should at least say “Thank You for Serving” to all military personnel…no matter whether you agree or not with war. Thanks again James for this post!

  • JamesHolmesOnline

     Hello Marilyn – Thank you for making time to read my post and comment. It is amazing when read or hear the stories of service men and women and realize what commitment it takes honorably serve in the military. Good people have argued about war through every conflict which has occurred… there are many opinions. But I think we can all agree that those who serve deserve our gratitude and respect.