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Ten Success Principles Affirmed by Tom and Denice Chenault

I was honoured to be a guest on the Tom Chenault Show which airs on the Genesis Communications Network. The discussion was broad and I was able to share my home business story and discuss other current topics imapcting the home business industry.

In this blog post I am sharing the recording of our interview in addition to  the top 10 success principles affirmed by Tom and Denice Chenault during the course of our amazing time together before departing as new found friends.

James Holmes and Tom Chenault at Tom and Denice’s Training Center

Click the following link to listen to Tom Chenault’s interview:

>> James-Holmes-Interviewed-by-Tom-Chenault <<

Here is a list of ten success principles shared to help you make a quantum leap in your journey.

#01. Give yourself permission to dream big!

#02. Make a decision to commit to the work required to achieve your goals.

#03. Commit to the dreams of your individual teams members and let them know that you are with them.

#04. Master the ‘coffee shop interview’ and help people see the path to achieving their goals.

#05. Introduce your business to three people every day and introduce one to your upline leader.

#06. Lock arms with people committed to making a minimum of $3,000 per month in your company.

#07. Don’t fall for fake income claims being made by recruiters… ask them to verify their income claims.

#08. You can earn a fortune, have fun, and make a difference in the world through network marketing.

#09. If you are fortunate enough to have a life partner that embraces your vision through network marketing your life will play out like a dream as you build an empire together. Tom and Denice Chenault are an inspiring example of this truth.

#10. Read the important books authored by established leaders in network marketing and take action on what you learn.

Please feel free to post a comment and share your thoughts. I am here to help you success and invite you to connect with me and let me know how I can make a differance in your life.

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P.S. The company Visalis came up several times during our interview. Please note that we were discussing principles and current actions being taken inside of the network marketing industry… not about the credibility of any particular company. I have met Blake Mallen and admire the personal and professional achievements of Ryan Blair and recognize the value they bring to our profession. I encourage you to focus on the ideas shared here in order to make the most of what you will learn.

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  • xar61

    James es ist wirklich ein wunderbarer Beitrag, ich werde mir ein Microgramm an Wissen abschneiden und versuchen ob ich ihre Weisheit umsetzen vermag, natürlich nur im langfristigen Sinne. Danke für diesen Artikel !!!