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New Program Launches Can Be Good… Worldprofit is 18 Years Old Which is Great!

Wrapped up another Friday Worldprofit Bootcamp with George Kosch with a great appreciation for being with Worldprofit since May 2010. As I write this article I have enjoyed real profits for 28 straight months. The company is 18 years old, so it has a proven track record of success. Everyone gets giddy about new launches which I have no problem with, but what I get giddy about is quality and the value of businesses that are built to last.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know I am a HUGE fan of the multiple income streams model and I work to master the model every day. Yes, I want to master the art of creating endless unique income streams.

My advice is that you should focus on one primary business and created automated sales funnels that create multiple congruent income steams to support a diverse and sustainable business.

I joined Worldprofit because it serves as the perfect traffic and lead generation program to support my primary business. Worldprofit is a training, traffic, and lead generation platform designed to help you leverage up any viable business you are building.

I wanted to provide another sneak peek behind the curtain to see a small part of what is available to you when you join me and my mentor-ship program in Worldprofit. In this video George Kosch reveals the core components of our system which evolves with new benefits and features every month. (Click on the Title Link above to read the complete article and watch the video)

The Ultimate Price of Cyber Bullying: The Short Life and Tragic Death of Tyler Clementi (Free eBook)

The case of Tyler Clementi, a freshman at Rutgers University who recently took his own life as a result of a ruthless prank perpetrated on the Internet by his roommate has captured the nation and cause many for the first time to deeply access the impact of words spoken with malice and intent to inflict harm on another person or entity. Tyler Clementi was in fact a victim of “cyber-bullying” and this practice can have a dramatic impact on people, brands, and companies and regardless if the hostel attacks are make at individuals or companies, they are wreck-less and we should all do our part to thwart the intentions of those casting the stones.

As someone who loves the Internet and the freedom that exist to express ideas, share experiences, conduct commerce, and provide value for others; I believe firmly that as with all freedoms comes tremendous responsibility. We must take a stand against cyber-bullying because it threatens every freedom presently enjoyed online and brings harm to innocent people around the world.

The story of Tyler Clemente has impacted me in a variety of ways as a symbol and clarion call to speak out and to encourage that others learn from this tragedy and do the same. Dr. Jeffrey Lant is a mentor and friend and has in many ways lead in the effort to use this innocent as a teaching moment so that Tyler’s death would not be in vain. This has happened in many powerful ways.

I have edited into this book Dr. Lant’s articles on the subject of Tyler Clementi’s death as well as background information sourced from Wikipedia. Also note that in the section titled “Who is Tyler Clementi (Background)” I have provided access to a special podcast interview with Dr. Lant on this important topic.

Access Your Instant Free Download of the e-Book Here:

The-Ultimate-Price-of-Cyber-Bullying-eBook-Dr-Jeffrey-Lant-Editor-James-Holmes (To Read the Complete Post and Download the e-Book Click on the Title Link Above)

Dr. Jeffrey Lant Articles Gifts for the New Year

Dr. Jeffrey Lant, CEO of Worldprofit, Inc.

I have been a member of Worldprofit since May 2010 and have enjoyed the mentor-ship of Dr. Jeffrey Lant. I became intrigued last year as the result of a little prodding from George Kosch, Dr. Lant began writing articles to benefit the dealers and worldwide community at Worldprofit. George’s simple idea coupled with an amazing work ethic by Dr. Lant has resulted in an article directory of nearly 450 contributions with three to five new articles added every week. In addition to the articles of Dr. Lant, there are occasional contributions have been made by Worldprofit co-founders Sandi Hunter and George Kosch himself.

In addition to his co-leadership of Worldprofit, Inc. Dr. Lant has developed a worldwide reputation as an author based in Cambridge, MA. Dr. Lant draws upon his vast interest, deep knowledge of history, and a keen sense for the rhythm of world events and produces amazingly relevant articles for the benefit of everyone who reads them.

Worldprofit Dealer Meeting Featuring James Holmes: How to Re-Purpose Dr. Jeffrey Lant’s Article Content

Worldprofit has become a central part of my business funnel both as a primary income stream and as a platform for automated traffic and SEO tools that have literally exploded my business over the past six months. Beyond receiving exceptional vaule for my monthly Worldprofit Platinum Package subscription, I have developed a significant personal mentoring relationship with Dr. Jeffrey Lant, CEO and co-founder.

During this private dealers meeting I had an opportunity to share the methods I use to re-purpose Dr. Lant’s articles into blog post, hub content, audio recordings, link wheel content, and other viral traffic funnels. I have spent the past several months perfecting my tactics and was honored to be invited by Dr. Lant to share these strategies with the members. George Kosch another company founder recorded the session and has made it available to the public – I wanted to share the video with you. (Video)

Dr. Jeffrey Lant: The Royal Engagement and Business Lessons on Extending Your Brand as a Topic Expert

If you want to learn a series of important lessons interweaving your passions, your preeminence on a topic, your business, and your personal brand, pay close attention to the following series of videos. The world buzzing with the news this week that Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton are to be married and we will all be treated to another royal wedding. I would like to use the events of the week and a more personal association I have with a key player to share several valuable lessons.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant has become an important personal mentor to me and his counsel has greatly impacted both my business and personal life. Much of what I have learned from Dr. Lant has come through observation followed by his dissection to illuminate the salient points. He has taught, I have learned, and now I am going to pay much of this forward to you.

The “subject” of this series of interviews is the engagement of Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton. The events involving Dr. Lant began within a few short hours of their announcement to the world and continued for three days. What emerged for all of us is an opportunity to learn what is possible when you exhibit courage and take risk to share your voice and unique perspective with the world.

Podcast Episode 135: Dr. Jeffrey Lant on the Subject of Cyber-Bullying

Dr. Jeffrey Lant, CEO of Worldprofit back to the Internet Business Blueprint Podcast for a discussion on a very serious topic which is dominating much of the news of today – cyber-bullying.

The subject of cyber-bullying is the focus of many national broadcast news stories and featured on the front pages of newspapers across the country as a result of the most recent and chilling example represented by the death of Tyler Clementi, an eighteen year old freshman at Rutgers University.

Bullying is not limited to childhood perpetrators as it exist on the Internet and is often focused at the people, businesses and brands that make up the business side of the online world. You have seen this played out many times and we are going to delve into this topic in depth and invite your participation in the program.

The Internet Business Blueprint Podcast is dedicated to internet marketers and home based business professionals in network marketing, affiliate marketing, and direct selling. I provide coaching, resources and tools to help you build your business by growing your list, adding value, evolving your tribe, and earning daily revenue through your marketing funnel.

Worldprofit Home Business Experts Overview

Worldprofit is a unique online community of home business experts and independent home business entrepreneurs working together to create real sustainable income working on the Internet from home. Worldprofit was founded in August 1995 and has been online since November 1995. Worldprofit has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 1999 and was founded by Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Sandi Hunter, and George Kosch.

James Holmes is an independent member of Worldprofit and a mentor to individuals interested in creating a successful home based business. This presentation was created by James to provide a review of Worldprofit and to highlight the benefits of Worldprofit’s Silver Business Package.

Worldprofit Review and Recommendation

I love leveraged business models and I have used them to build my brand, grow my list and drive traffic to my websites. I recently identified May 29, 2008 as the date I first discovered viral marketing when I was introduced to the company Worldprofit. I had joined Worldprofit as a trail member at the suggestion of my friend and marketer Connie Clark and spent about a month dabbling with the system. I do not recall why I didn’t chose to continue as a member of Worldprofit and can only recall that I was deeply involved in an offline marketing effort to build a traditional MLM company and was likely stretched too thin or so I must have thought.

Recently I became intrigued by Worldprofit as I am continually looking for resources and tools to further grow what has now become a full-time online business. So, I decided to take another look and I was a little surprised by what I found.

I invested a few days observing one of the most unique aspects of Worldprofit, which is their 24/7 live business center where monitors help close the prospects of the members. I had this playing in the background in an attempt to get a feel for how things are going at Worldprofit. I was impressed and decided to really do my homework and consider adding it in my business funnel.