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Dr. Jeffrey Lant: The Royal Engagement and Business Lessons on Extending Your Brand as a Topic Expert

If you want to learn a series of important lessons interweaving your passions, your preeminence on a topic, your business, and your personal brand, pay close attention to the following series of videos. The world buzzing with the news this week that Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton are to be married and we will all be treated to another royal wedding. I would like to use the events of the week and a more personal association I have with a key player to share several valuable lessons.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant has become an important personal mentor to me and his counsel has greatly impacted both my business and personal life. Much of what I have learned from Dr. Lant has come through observation followed by his dissection to illuminate the salient points. He has taught, I have learned, and now I am going to pay much of this forward to you.

The “subject” of this series of interviews is the engagement of Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton. The events involving Dr. Lant began within a few short hours of their announcement to the world and continued for three days. What emerged for all of us is an opportunity to learn what is possible when you exhibit courage and take risk to share your voice and unique perspective with the world.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant Is An Acquired Taste But Not A Scam Artist

Dr. Jeffrey Lant co-founded Worldprofit in 1994 and has served as CEO for 16 years. Anyone who has developed a Internet business that has brought 700,000 associate members through it’s sales process certainly understands marketing and doesn’t need me to defend him here. However, I am annoyed enough by a few silly and unsubstantiated comments that I have read concerning Dr. Lant that I decided to shed some light here and perhaps vent a little.

Worldprofit was created by a group of home business professionals to provide a turnkey solution to help individuals who desire to create a real and sustainable business online. Worldprofit uses a unique and one of a kind method to convert free associates to dealers or paid members and it is this method that has both made Worldprofit incredibly successful and Dr. Lant somewhat controversial.

Worldprofit Review and Recommendation

I love leveraged business models and I have used them to build my brand, grow my list and drive traffic to my websites. I recently identified May 29, 2008 as the date I first discovered viral marketing when I was introduced to the company Worldprofit. I had joined Worldprofit as a trail member at the suggestion of my friend and marketer Connie Clark and spent about a month dabbling with the system. I do not recall why I didn’t chose to continue as a member of Worldprofit and can only recall that I was deeply involved in an offline marketing effort to build a traditional MLM company and was likely stretched too thin or so I must have thought.

Recently I became intrigued by Worldprofit as I am continually looking for resources and tools to further grow what has now become a full-time online business. So, I decided to take another look and I was a little surprised by what I found.

I invested a few days observing one of the most unique aspects of Worldprofit, which is their 24/7 live business center where monitors help close the prospects of the members. I had this playing in the background in an attempt to get a feel for how things are going at Worldprofit. I was impressed and decided to really do my homework and consider adding it in my business funnel.