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Dr. Jeffrey Lant: The Royal Engagement and Business Lessons on Extending Your Brand as a Topic Expert

If you want to learn a series of important lessons interweaving your passions, your preeminence on a topic, your business, and your personal brand, pay close attention to the following series of videos. The world buzzing with the news this week that Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton are to be married and we will all be treated to another royal wedding. I would like to use the events of the week and a more personal association I have with a key player to share several valuable lessons.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant has become an important personal mentor to me and his counsel has greatly impacted both my business and personal life. Much of what I have learned from Dr. Lant has come through observation followed by his dissection to illuminate the salient points. He has taught, I have learned, and now I am going to pay much of this forward to you.

The “subject” of this series of interviews is the engagement of Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton. The events involving Dr. Lant began within a few short hours of their announcement to the world and continued for three days. What emerged for all of us is an opportunity to learn what is possible when you exhibit courage and take risk to share your voice and unique perspective with the world.

Podcast Episode 135: Dr. Jeffrey Lant on the Subject of Cyber-Bullying

Dr. Jeffrey Lant, CEO of Worldprofit back to the Internet Business Blueprint Podcast for a discussion on a very serious topic which is dominating much of the news of today – cyber-bullying.

The subject of cyber-bullying is the focus of many national broadcast news stories and featured on the front pages of newspapers across the country as a result of the most recent and chilling example represented by the death of Tyler Clementi, an eighteen year old freshman at Rutgers University.

Bullying is not limited to childhood perpetrators as it exist on the Internet and is often focused at the people, businesses and brands that make up the business side of the online world. You have seen this played out many times and we are going to delve into this topic in depth and invite your participation in the program.

The Internet Business Blueprint Podcast is dedicated to internet marketers and home based business professionals in network marketing, affiliate marketing, and direct selling. I provide coaching, resources and tools to help you build your business by growing your list, adding value, evolving your tribe, and earning daily revenue through your marketing funnel.

A Plan to Help Entrepreneurs in South Africa Make Money from Home with Worldprofit, Inc.

One of the main reasons I love working online is the tremendous the Internet provides to establish a global business and dramatically impact people from a variety of Countries and cultures. When I first joined Worldprofit, I could not have imagined that impact my decision would make on both my business and personal life.

I was recently introduced to a whole new market where my business is perfectly positioned to help thousands of people who have a sincere desire to make money from home with an Internet business. Worldprofit’s market is truly Global with successful members in nearly every English speaking Country around the world.

Worldprofit has a 16 year history of helping regular people achieve success online while working from home. What makes World makes Worldprofit unique is there Automation Tools, Millionaire Boot-camp Training, and 24/7 Live Monitor Network that speaks with the members prospects and closes there sales.

The Internet is expanding in South Africa, which is one of the most technologically-resourced countries on the African continent. The domain extension .za was granted to South Africa in 1990 by ICANN. This creates a tremendous opportunity for the people of South Africa and Worldprofit is in a perfect position to provide the mentor-ship resources and training needed to make the dreams of thousands a reality.

Worldprofit can help people in South Africa make money online because of their business model, which includes providing e-commerce tools, software, web-based training, elite education, marketing resources, traffic systems, web design, information products and the list continues to grow!

I have written a complete review of the opportunity in South Africa on my Worldprofit blog and I would encourage you to read it carefully as this same opportunity exist in greater measure for North American and European Markets.

Do you know people in South Africa?