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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

How to Generate Leads and Make Daily Income with Funded Proposals

I have had the privilege to meet many of truly remarkable people during my time in the home business profession. My friendships and associations have been broad-ranging including young people with a passion for entrepreneurship, single mothers raising a family, displaced career oriented people, retirees, and insanely successful network marketing professionals.

One common factor among all of those who I have met pursuing their dreams online is that they all need leads, qualified prospects, and conversions to sells and sign-ups.

Early in my career I had a mentor who invested the time and taught me how to create and market using funded proposal systems. It was a God send!

Today, I want to share you part one of a three part training I am providing via webcast on the topic of funded proposal systems. I have titled video one “How to Create 25 Leads and Earn $25 Everyday on Auto Pilot.” Please don’t let the thought of $25 every day be self-limiting, you can add as many zeros as you wish… make it $250 or $2500 per day if your business model and mindset support it.

I believe this training will help you by providing a simple process to creating automated sales funnels that will allow you to generate leads and consistently convert sales or enrollments into your business.

Enjoy the recording: (To View the Video Please Click on the Title Link Above)

The Automated Sales Funnel: Part 2 Marketing Pillars

In today’s call we continued our training on developing an automated sales funnel by focusing on marketing pillars. Last week I shared the process of drawing out the basic sales funnel and provided a visual representation of your business. In this session we explored the concept of identifying five marketing pillars that will be used to drive traffic to your funnel in order to identify prospects for your business.

There is nothing magical about five pillars as there are literally dozens of potential pillars or channels you can use to drive traffic and qualify leads. As with any topic that you learn, it is best to take the information in and follow a step by step process that works. Once you master the first five pillars you select, you can ad another and repeat that process.

I hope you enjoy this recorded session and I invite you to join the live call every Saturday at 11:00 AM EST.