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Jeff Dedrick and Liz Tomey “Killer WSO Bonus” Review

I have been a customer of Jeff Dedrick and Liz Time for nearly four years and I have gladly paid for their high quality and actionable workshops, courses and tools. I recently became aware of their newest joint project and could hardly believe that they would practically give away a lifetime upgraded account for a onetime payment of under $10… yes ten dollars! The project is a membership site called ‘Killer WSO Bonus’ and the concept is awesome.

The Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is one of the largest and most active member forums for Internet marketers and it’s community has grown to over 425,900 members since 1997.

Warrior + Plus

Within this powerful community of marketing professionals a marketplace has emerged called ‘Warrior Special Offers’ and an add on platform called ‘Warrior + Plus,’ allowing Warrior Forum members to promote and purchase high quality information products and software for pennies on the dollar as most products start under $10 with gradual price increases over time.

Killer WSO Bonus

I joined Killer WSO Bonus after watching the video included in this post and upgraded with a onetime payment (in my case it was $9). I was able to gain immediate access to multiple premium products for immediate download by cashing in the points I received by joining. You can enjoy the exact same benefits by watching the video and signing up using the link below. (Click on the Title Link to watch the video and read the complete post)

How to Market Effectively in Internet Forums

Forums (new school) and Message Boards (old school) are among the most interactive of all memberships. Forums are traffic magnets and they exist in literally thousands of niches, test me on this and you will find one in every niche that comes to mind.

Forums are membership sites that are designed to serve large groups of people who share a common interest and contribute to topics and comment on the topics of others known as threads. Threads are simply topics that members offer commentary, offer feedback and recommend resources through an evolving conversation.

There are many reasons why you should participate in a few quality forums including; mastermind with successful online marketers, benefit from the experiences of fellow marketers, identify joint venture partners, share your ideas and much more.