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Effective List Building Part 9: Use Pop Ups to Capture Exiting Visitors to Your Site

When used correctly pop-ups are a very effective way to get sign-ups for your mailing list from visitors to your site. A pop-up is a script that allows you to post a form or ad on your website or blog. When a new visitor arrives at your site the web-form or ad pops-up in front of a portion of the screen, this can alternatively be done when the visitor exits your site. I have found that the exist pop-up are less intrusive and better received by most visitors.

The beauty really is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to pop-ups and some view them positively while others find them to me a little annoying. Personally, I do not mind them as long as the information provided adds value. I also prefer to see them on exit – after I have viewed the information that I came to the site to see in the first place.

As with everything I teach, strive first to add value to the end user in this case the visitor to your site. Make an offer that in compelling, such as a unique digital product, subscription to a valuable newsletter, or a personal consultation. If you are trying to promote a specific product or business opportunity, offer something of value free that is relevant to the opportunity that you will eventually be presenting.

Remember that the primary objective of the pop-up should be listing building, not necessarily selling. Your readers will appreciate the value you give, you will then have an opportunity to develop a relationship with your subscriber and convert from prospect to customer or associate.

Crowd Sourcing: 5 List Building Strategies for Your Blog

One of the biggest mistakes I see newsletter and e-zine publishers making is writing about non-congruent topics that their readers may not be interested in. Sourcing a crowd of loyal readers requires a certain sensitivity to why your readers chose to subscribe in the first place – what was your promise?

I recommend surveying your readers from time to time and rewarding them for taking the time to respond with a high value e-book, audio file or video. Provide a few topics that you are thinking about publishing on and ask them for suggestions of the topics they are hoping to learn more about by being a subscriber to your list. This will provide a sense of ownership among your readers and you will inspire a sense of community among your subscribers.