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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Top 10 Stats for Facebook, Pinterest, and Mobile Markets (Free Download)

This Top 10 Stats Report is Presented in Info-Graphic Format

Here is a great resource compiled by Maria Gudelis and Tina Williams as part of their ‘pre-training’ gifts for the Ultimate Social Challenge 10 day training program. This report is packed with up to date statistics related to three of the biggest social media platforms online. The  information presented in through a series of info-graphics is perfect for online marketers and social media strategist.

I am making this available to you for instant access from this blog post without requiring an opt-in and with no strings attached. Simply click on the following link and you can red the report in a new tab or download and save the report for later reference.

>> Click Here to Get the Free Report: The Top 10 Stats You Should Know

Yesterday, I published a blog post detailing the 10 day live training program called ‘Unlimited Social Challenge‘ that I am looking forward to participating in and recommend to all of my readers. If you do nothing else download the free report and review the stats contained in the info graphics. Better yet, take a look at the detailed explanation of the full course and consider signing up… it is 10 sessions and the cost is less than $1 per session meaning less $10.

I am here to help you succeed in building your online business and gain knowledge from successful entrepreneurs and content experts allowing you to leverage their knowledge and experience to create your success.

Have a blessed weekend!

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P.S. This is the link for the full course >>

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Ultimate Social Challenge Live Coaching from Maria Gudelis and Tina Williams

Last week my friend Willie Crawford sent an email to me sharing a brand new social media training course being offered by Maria Gudelis and Tina Williams both highly respected marketers and social media experts. To be honest I set the email aside because I had a full plate last week and just didn’t take the time to look at the details. Thankfully that changed this morning.

I took a look at Willie’s email and the link he included and discover that this is definitely a course that I am buying and looking forward to completing and sharing with my friends. Why? Because the social media landscape continues to evolve with major changes announced by Facebook and Twitter long with the new sites that have come online like Google + and Pinterest, not to mention Linked In, You Tube and others. There are major opportunities to grow your business with the knowledge and strategies that Maria and Tina have to share.

Although the price of this course is dirt cheap (starts at $7 and increases by 1 penny every 3 sales until the prices caps), don’t delay and buy this course for under $10 with a one-time payment.

The Ultimate Social Challenge will be live coaching over 10 days. Each participant will discover:

How to finally get traffic with Facebook
How to convert that traffic into sales
How to brand yourself for profits now!
How to turn ‘mini passive cash cows‘ into a daily cash stream
Two blueprints to set the passive money machine on autopilot
One “cash rocket in your pocket” Mind-Map on the simple formula to set up your optimized Facebook passive system
The “mad Google scientist method” to get your Facebook page on page one of Google

Every Participant will walk away with the following resources and tools:

Two Ultimate Social Media Blueprints
One Strategic Mind-Map
14 Training Modules that include videos, PDFs, and live Webinar training

My Exclusive Bonus if You Buy the Course from the Link on This Page:

It is one thing to complete a great training course, but the key is taking action and implementing what you learn so that the benefits can be realized to grow your business and income. Therefore, I am going provide a free webcast at the conclusion of Maria Tina’s course to help you put all of there amazing strategies to work in your business. This will be live and interactive and designed to help you “one on one” with action steps to ensure results.

Here is how to get the complete course for under $10 plus my bonus:

Step One: Buy the Ultimate Social Media Course using this link:


Step Two: Send a personal email to me with the subject line ‘Ultimate Social Challenge Bonus’ at this address:

Step Three: Access your new course, attend the live training and be sure to show up with an open mind