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Promoted Tweets: New Business Model for Twitter

The questions have been asked time and again for more than a year; “Does Twitter have a business model?” or “How will Twitter monetize their business?” It appears that those questions will be answered today in part as Twitter announces “Promoted Tweets” a new service that has been in beta and will allow advertisers ads to appear in relevant search results.

Twitter users post more than 55 million tweets everyday and many of those tweets will be leveraged by companies like Virgin America, Best Buy and Starbucks all of whom are already on board. Promoted tweets provides an interesting new option for Internet marketers who have suffered the sting of a few slaps from Google in the past year.

Many savvy marketers have shifted their advertising dollars for search campaigns to Facebook in recent months and Promoted Tweets offers another option to reach a target audience in any niche.

Twitter to Introduce New Features True or False?

Over the weekend I read an interesting post on Tech Crunch by MG Siegler a regular contributor at Tech Crunch. This post is titled “Twitter to Add Nifty Site Features that May make You Forget Third-Party Clients” and was in response to a tweet by Alex Payne @al3x on Twitter, a Tech Crunch staff member.

I personally have not used Twitter’s own interface ( with any regularity in several months. I became a Tweet Deck (a third party application to assist with site management) user because I like the interface and found that it was far more user friendly and allowed me to better manage information, replies, and follows using Tweet Deck’s multi-column desktop application.

I have now integrating what I believe to best the best third-party application available for the Twitter user who manages multiple accounts, marketers on the site, or wants to extend their brand identity through Twitter, which is a very powerful use of the site. It is called “MarketMe Tweet” and it is phenomenal!

Joel Comm’s iFart Featured on CBS Sunday Morning Show – So What?

As I look back at 2009 and evaluate the impact social media has had on my business it is pretty amazing. I have made new friends, established new business relationships and met some of the most creative and action oriented people online. By virtue of my Internet Business Blueprint podcast, I have been able to interview Gary Vaynerchuk, Perry Belcher, Com Mirza, Rob Hannley and many other entrepreneurs.

One of the aspects I love most is how a small random act can lead to a new friendship, a business idea or the viral distribution of information. I have many personal examples of this and I want to highlight one as an example of how this occurs.

Recommended Resource: Definitive Twitter Resource Guide – 201 Free Twitter Tools

The “Definitive Twitter Resource Guide” is a free e-book containing 201 Twitter Tools to empower you to more effectively manage your Twitter stream, followers and those you are following. The guide has been created by Stephen Pierce, author of “Make Real Money on The Internet,” which is said to be the most powerful money making manual for the internet. You can obtain a free copy of Stephen’s book by clicking here: Make Real Money on The Internet

Evan Williams Co-Founder of Twitter

Twitter is a phenomenon growing at an increasingly rapid pace to gain mainstream acceptance that reaches beyond the new media devotees to include traditional media outlets and corporate communications offices. This is a insightful presentation featuring Twitter co-founder Evan Williams at TED 2009.

Who is Evan Williams?

Evan Williams is the co-founder of Twitter, the micro blogging social media site that is revolutionizing real-time communication. Before Twitter, Evan was a creator of the free blog platform Blogger now owned by Google where he was employed until 2004. Evan launched Odeo a podcasting service from which Twitter was born in 2006. Enjoy this video and be sure to post your comments.

Social Media: Twitter Power Is In The Moment

It was a typical Sunday morning, I like to settle in with a hot cup of coffee and the Sunday newspapers and a passive monitoring of Twitter from my hand held device; suddenly everything changed in a moment of opportunity which is great for you and me. Social media guru and owner of The Wine Library Gary Vaynerchuk was stuck in an airport, no lap top with six hours to kill.

Gary sent out this simple tweet; “laptop broke (no audio can’t tape a vid) no flip left it in NJ, so cant tape, so no taping :( I guess I can do some interviews, any1 want me?”