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Kiva Provides You with a Gift to Change Lives Around the World

I wish that I was sitting across from you instead of writing this blog post because it would be much easier to convey my enthusiasm for Kiva personally, since that is not possible I am writing this post.

My friend and fellow marketer Tissa Godavitarne caused me to really take a close look at Kiva and their micro-lending program for the first time. A little over a year ago I particpated in a 6 day marathon over at my S.W.A.T. Conference and we discussed Kiva every singe hour… for some reason I did not fully understand how powerful and life changing mission of Kiva. (Click on the title link to read the complete article and watch the videos)

Internet Entrepreneurs Forum is BHAG Site #5

Internet Entrepreneurs Forum was conceived as a project in the summer of 2010 and was inspired by Tissa Godavitarne’s ACME People Search Forum which is masterfully utilized. I like about the way Tissa uses his forum to build community through the forum and using as a place where the community provide support for the other members of his program. This is very powerful and incredibly effective. My vision is much the same as Tissa’s and because of this I am content with the steady and progressive growth of the forum based on the needs of the members.

I felt this would be a great site to complete as part of my 30 sites in 30 days November Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG), which has been detailed in prior posts on my blog. Internet Entrepreneurs Forum is site #5 of with 25 more to go.
The forum is built on the PhpBB script which is a free script and widely used by forum developers in a variety of niches. The script is very flexible in terms of features and the administration area is easy to learn and manage. I did add one additional script which added a rotating banner ads capability to install banner ads and other images to any section of forum I want including individual post or segmented by group.

I set up the initial sections of the forum under two main categories, community and forum (main) with several sub-categories. This is just the start and the categories and sub-categories will expand organically as the forum community grows.

Here are the categories and sub-categories as the site is being launched today: (Please click on the Title Link above to read the full article)