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How to Leverage Public Relations and Social Media a Special Free Webcast Featuring Tatyana Gann

I have worked with Tatyana Gann for more than three years now and she has become both a trusted business colleague and true friend. Known by many as the ‘Russian Diva,” she has developed an amazing reputation as a public relational strategist and social media expert. I have hosted Tatyana as my guest on previous occasions on my podcast and I am pleased to share her knowledge and amazing strategies with attendees in the S.W.A.T. Conference Room for the first time.

Tonight we are hosting a very special conference featuring Tatyana Gann and several critical lessons from her PR Detective Blueprint Mini Course which reveals a step by step guide to quickly investigate, find and remove negative publicity while building a solid online reputation.

The event is free to attend and you will walk away with actionable content and gain a better understanding of how to leverage the coming changes to Facebook to grow your business. In addition to the free content, attendees interested in knowing more will be invited to join us for a four week intensive where you will receive the complete blueprint and action plan.

How to Attend:

Date: Tuesday March 13th

Time: 8:00 PM EST


Step 1: Follow the link above

Step 2: Login with your name (no password required)

Step 3: Bring a pen and notebook and take lots of notes

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How to Leverage Public Relations and Social Media

I am easily inspired… that’s right, easily inspired by great ideas and strategies that will help me grow my business by helping others become successful. Yesterday, I interview one of my dearest online friends and business associates Tatyana Gann aka “Russian Diva” on the topic of Social Media 2.0 – listen to the reply here: Public Relations 2.0 Featuring Tatyana Gann

The interview was filled with great information and several resources to help you utilize public relations regardless of the size of your business or level of experience. I encourage you to listen to the show and take lots of notes, it was a content packed interview.

I would like to share a few thoughts of my own on the topic of how to leverage public relations and social media to drive traffic and build your list.

Podcast Episode # 119: PR 2.0 Mastery with Tatyana Gann

Join me on Wednesday September 1st for a very special interview and webinar invitation featuring Tatyana Gann of Smokin Hot PR. We will be discussing strategies and tips to help you… become your own publishing juggernaut!

Learn how to …

Promote your product, e-book, services and personal brand

Find sources of inspiration for your marketing and brand messages

Identify new marketing methods and resources to breath new life into your business

How to leverage online methods to explode your offline business

Directly reach your targeted audience using PR 2.0

How to build a massive list through PR!

Here are the show details:

I’m Sharing 7 Essential Steps to Building a Viral List… LIVE!

I’m Sharing 7 Essential Steps to Building a Viral List live on Thursday April 15, 2010 during an interview on”Smokin Hot PR” on Blog Talk Radio. I will be the guest of host Tatyana Gann for a interview and interactive conversation on the subject of viral list building.

Here are the 7 Essential Steps to Building a Viral List I will be sharing:
1. Understand the power of viral marketing
2. The tools every viral marketer must have
3. How to structure your viral list building funnel
4. How to use PLR to quickly build your list
5. Free and low cost methods to drive traffic
6. How to convert subscribers into buyers
7. How to convert buyers into your viral army

Here are the details: