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Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Meet Com Mirza: Lemonade, Social Media, and Entrpreneurship

Today, I was joined by Com Mirza on the Internet Business Blueprint podcast. Com is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Consultant, Social Media Addict, Blogger, Networker, Video Addict, And The Lemonade Boy. He can be found on as (@TheLemonadeBoy). For the last 7 years Com Mirza has been actively involved in starting technology companies from scratch, building up the subscriber and revenue bases and selling them off to venture capitalists and companies. With a portfolio of over 20 internet companies andpartnerships with some of the greatest internet entrepreneurs com is committed to starting, building and selling more companies and spends a majority of his time on his ventures.

My $1,000 Digital Product Giveaway Explained

On this episode I provided a full explanation of my “Big Give” event for the month of August. I am giving away $1,000 worth of information products including MP3 audios, special reports, e-books, software, and videos – all delivered by instant download. There are no strings attached and all the details on how to claim your package are available on this podcast.

The Internet Business Blueprint podcast is a daily program designed to help anyone interested in Internet based entrepreneurship. Proving coaching, resources, and tools designed to help you establish and grow a thriving internet based business. Guest and topics will focus on topics relevant to internet marketers, network marketers, direct sellers and affiliate marketing professionals.

I am giving away $1,000 in Free Digital Products, Do You Know Why?

I recently conducted a training on auto-responders and list management on my “Internet Business Blueprint” podcast. During the training I spent a considerable amount of time making the case for carefully choosing your auto-responder company because moving a large list from one host to another can result in you loosing a large percentage of your subscribers. Most reputable host will not allow you to upload a large list in bulk into their service without confirming their opt in and a large percentage of people will not re-opt in to your new list.

I have a series of list that consist of the members of my network marketing team and prospects who are in my network marketing funnel, these prospects haven’t decided to join me, but they still want to benefit from the content and resources that I provide to my list. I am experiencing amazing growth in my business funnel and it is time to consolidate my list to one host, as a result I now get to live my lesson and move a mid-sized list.

Social Media 101: A Fast Start Guide

Social media is emerging as an essential component of your business funnel for the purpose of growing your network and building quality links back to your blogs and web pages. There are many who are just starting to become familiar of social media and this post will serve as a primer to help get you started if you are new and to share a few best practices if you are a seasoned participant online.

There are thousands of social media websites online that generally fall into two basic categories and it is important that you understand what they are and how to use them to build your business. I will define what these are with a few examples of each one and then share a few tactics to teach you how to make the most of your investment of time working online.