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Podcast Episode #106: This is SIC! Introducing Second Income Coach with Gerry Schroeder

My friend and GVO associate Gerry Schroeder has put something together that he knows is really SIC! It is a brand new membership site called “Second Income Coach” and it launched on July 5th and it is going to be a huge hit! When Gerry showed the site to me, I knew that I could recommend it to my readers and podcast listeners without hesitation.

I am pleased to welcome Gerry Schroeder as my special guest on the Internet Business Blueprint Podcast 9th on Friday July . During our interview you will learn about Gerry’s amazing track record online and the story behind Second Income Coach. We also will explore how Second Income Coach can help you learn how to succeed online.

What’s Working Now: Results of Week One Prosperity Marketing System Test

I am starting a new series of post that will appear weekly on my blog under the heading (and tagged) ‘Whats Working Now’ and it will be documented results of what I am testing in my business and what type of results I have recorded. I am constantly testing new tools, new marketing methods, and resources in an ongoing effort to make my business more efficient and profitable. I am not going to share the failures, there are always little experiements that do not work out, but I am not a product reviewer and it is not my intention to provide you with product reviews.

I am only interested in sharing with you what is working, the experiments that produced positive results. There will be times when I am testing a resource that requires an extended testing period and therefore the results may not be known for a while, but I may be compelled to share the progress I am making anyway. I may also share with you what I am considering testing next, but those post will not carry the ‘whats working now’ tag.

So, here is my first report to you. I have been running a test over the past 8 days to see how my web traffic was converting to upgrades and eventual sign-ups into one of my primary programs using the “Prosperity Marketing System.”