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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Warm Marketing or Cold Market Recruting: Why the Silly Debate?

A big movement underway to re-brand network marketing to bring the profession into the mainstream and change misconceptions of the people and companies in our profession; this movement must include a set of best practices that includes the manner in which we recruit prospects into our opportunity. I network with a large number of MLM distributors often becoming engaged in conversations related to their businesses and that of their down lines concerning “warm market” vs. “cold market” prospecting; I have had several spirited conversations with experienced marketers and new marketers alike leading me to conclude that this debate is just plain silly.

Prospecting Using Your Company Replicated Website

The majority of the better networking marketing companies in our profession offer replicated websites for their distributors. The quality of these sites are quite good and it would be impossible for the independent distributor to create sites of such quality on their own. I highly recommend taking full advantage of these sites as long as you include one specific action. Forget this and the site will be comparatively useless for prospecting new team members online.

In this video I will explain how I accidentally discovered the key to leveraging your company replicated website to enroll new team members into your business. It is a short video but provides a great marketing tactic.

Brand Yourself Not Your Company

One of the biggest mistakes I see the majority of marketers make is branding their company or opportunity not themselves. The greatest single asset you have in business is your personal brand and the surprising truth is that everyone possesses a brand regardless of whether they purposely set out to create a brand or not. By being proactive and consciously setting out to position yourself in the marketplace with messages that consistently demonstrate your values will set you apart from 98% of marketers.