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Internet Marketers: Do Your Motives and Actions Pass This Test?

It really isn’t that difficult to do the right thing – agreed? I was reading a blog post by my friend Jon Olson on ‘Hit Exchange News’ titled “The Biggest Joke In Internet Marketing” and the topic is on product launches in the Internet Marketing industry. It is a very interesting topic and there certainly remains plenty of room for improvement among both large and small marketers in our niche. For all of the finger pointing and thoughts about Internet marketing tactics, I would like to propose a simple little test to guide all marketers on how to serve their customers and a basis for their customers to evaluate marketers and launches.

Marketers: First Examine Your Motives

1. Do your motives originate from truth?

2. Do your motives foster fairness for everyone concerned?

3. Do your motives build value for your customers and associates?

Marketers: Second Examine Your Actions

1. Will your actions support a worthy long-term objectives?

2. Will your actions be responsible for harming another person?

3. Will your actions deliver value for your marketplace?

S.W.A.T. Traffic Exchange Final Lifetime Membership Offer!

As you may know, I recently purchased S.W.A.T. Traffic Exchange from Jon Olson and I have been busy putting a number of changes in place, which our members will have access to beginning January 1, 2011 – just a few days away.

In a few of days, I will be removing the life-time membership option because the new and improved S.W.A.T. Traffic will deliver so much value that providing a life-time membership is like giving away the farm – it is just too valuable. Those who are lucky enough to have secured their life-time membership will be blown away by what they receive month to month and they will never have to pay another dime to get all of the benefits!

So, the bottom-line is that $67 for life was just too little to charge and I am taking it off the market and will provide an annual membership option instead. The good news is that you still have time to grab a life-time membership for a one payment for life!

Here is what you will get:

Traffic Exchange Owners Live on the Internet Business Blueprint Podcast

Have you ever wanted to get behind the curtain meet the men and women who own and operate the most popular traffic exchanges on the Internet. For the first time ever many of the leading owners are gathering for series of podcast interviews where you will hear their personal stories, learn about their exchanges and benefit from their advice on how to maximize your use of traffic exchanges.

In total there will be 10 interviews conducted over 5 days for a total of 10 hours of amazing content and actionable advice to help you launch your traffic and list building strategy.

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Here is the line up!

My First Appearance on “TE Live” with Jon Olson and Tim Linden

I have developed some really great friendships among my Internet Marketing peers, some I have met in person and an even larger number I have gotten to know through telephone conversations, Skype chats, email exchanges and live streams. All of these relationships have added value to my business and my life and every now and then they produce some pretty cool experiences – just like friendships in the offline world.

Last Wednesday was one such occasion as I had a chance to jump onto “TE Live” hosted by Jon Olson and Tim Linden – the show airs weekdays on UStream TV.

Do You Sweeva?

SWEEVA is a free social marketing site that allows you to bid for page views and browse the websites of other members of the community to earn credits for additional exposure of your websites by the larger community of members.

Check it out here: SWEEVA

Sweeva has been developed by Jon Olson and Tim Linden – yes the gurus of free and low cost marketing methods that work!

Build Your List with E-Books and Special Reports

I have spent a considerable amount of teaching you about list building over the past few months – this will not change as it is a key to your success online. Today, I wanted to share a strategy that has worked extremely well for me and that will work just as well for you provided you take action.

Here is the bottom line, people love getting quality information for free! One great way to build your list and add value for the member of your list is to provide quality e-books and special reports that help your subscribers build their businesses and improve their lives. I have a VERY EASY way for you to do this starting right now.

My friend John Guanzon has partnered with Brett Phillips to introduce “TE Reports” a membership website that contains twelve e-book titles that you can re-brand with your links and give away as part of your list building campaigns or as a free bonus on your blogs and websites. These are quality high in demand e-books that will add tremendous value for you and your subscriber list.

Podcast Episode #90: Jon Olson Discusses Web Traffic, Personal Branding and Making Pizza

On Thursday January 21, 2010 Traffic Exchange expert and author Jon Olson owner of ‘I Love Hits’ and “SWAT Traffic’ will join us to discuss traffic exchanges and how to utilize them to build a thriving Internet business. Jon’s sites are ranked among the leading manual traffic exchanges. Perhaps Jon is best known for his authorship of “The Pizza Plan,” a book that details how a former pizza store manager created a thriving internet business resulting in a full-time income and complete time and lifestyle freedom starting with a budget of $70 per month.