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Internet Marketers Networking Event 2012 with Janet Legere

I have spent countless hours under the mentor-ship of people who have created massive success online. As a result of an open minded attitude toward learning and most importantly taking action… I have been able to create a sustainable full-time income online. One of the reoccurring breakthrough moments experienced by many leading marketers who have mentored me occured when they attended live events.

Janet and Don Legere owners of Contact List Builder are hosting a live Internet Marketing conference in Calgary, Alberta Canada April 27th, 28th, 29th., 2012. During the event you will network with leading marketers who resonate with Janet and Don’s caring approach to teach you the skills you need to succeed online. In addition, you will be blown away by the featured speaker Devlyn Steele, life coach and founder of Tools to Life. Also on the agenda are James Stone co-owner of Prospect Geyser, Rob Gehring owner of Traffic Leads to Income, and Steve Gaghagan owner of Oneline Techniques. (Click on the title link to view the fill blog post)

How to Earn from Multiple Income Streams Online

I was honored to be the guest of Janet Legere and Don Legere on their January 21, 2012 Contact List Builder training for their amazing membership community. This was my second opportunity to share with their membership after appearing on September 2011 to discuss traffic exchange mastery.

In this session, we discussed the benefits to building an online business based on the multiple income streams model and the steps required to create a sustainable business. I shared my personal journey in discovering this model while working in the real estate industry and my system for implemented the same concepts online.

The recording contains the entire training session including an initial introduction from Janet and a great mindset lesson from Don Legere. The training is fully actionable and I recommend watching it with a notebook and pen in hand. (Click on the title link to read the complete post and watch the video)

Traffic Exchange Mastery 10 Action Steps to Success

Yesterday I had the pleasure to conduct a guest training at Janet and Don Legere’s Saturday web-conference. I always welcome any opportunity to work with Janet Legere because she is a true professional with a passion to help her followers build sustainable businesses. If I can contribute to her mission in some small way… count me in!

To make it even better the topic of our training was “how to master traffic exchanges” and we had a group of 55 dedicated home-based business owners and Internet marketers who decided to invest their time and join us. It was a tremendous hour long session and I appreciate all of the great feedback that I have read n the blogs and I am glad that Janet and I were able to provide value to the attendees.

Podcast Episode #101: James Stone Founder Leadgusher My Review

Join me for an informative and value packed interview with James Stone founder of Leadgusher (which I will review here) and a variety of other online properties. James has been writing software and business solutions for the past 27 years. I was first introduced to James by my friend Janet Legere and I have incorporated the Leadgusher system as one of my list building pillars. Leadgusher is literally a “set it and forget it” system that will pull organic traffic to your website as web-searches are made by prospects using the keywords you specify.

James Stone will share his story and tell us how the Leadgusher system was created, the methods that make it so effective at generating leads, the best methods to market the system, and how you can secure your free account and even make money marketing Leadgusher as an affiliate.

Here are the show details:

Show: The Internet Business Blueprint Podcast

When: Friday June 11th at 1:00 PM EST

Web-Host: Blog Talk Radio

Show Page:

Podcast Episode #97: Janet Legere GVO Trainer of the Year

I am pleased to welcome Internet Marketer and Elite Trainer Janet Legere as my guest on the Internet Business Blueprint podcast on Friday May 30th at 1:00 PM EST. We are going to engage in a lively discussion on personal branding, list building and using list builders to explode your list and build your business. Janet and I are partnered in GVO and another soon to be announced venture – I have come to admire Janet and I am thrilled to share her knowledge with you.

Janet Legere was recently honored by Joel Therien,CEO of GVO with the award for trainer of the year, which is easily understood as Janet consistently provides excellent training at GVO Academy as well as in her own Saturday training sessions.