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Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

My Name is James Holmes, I Market Online, and I Am Here to Help the Willing

Since the horrific events July 2012 at the Batman Dark Night Rises Premiere in Aurora Colorado, I have recieved numerous messages and one clever graphic… here is what I know.

This was posted on my Facebook wall by someone who doesn’t know me at all

This graphic is perhaps the most creative of the bunch… by far!

Scower the Internet until your fingers are numb and the person that you may have thought ‘most likely’ to be talking about James Eagan Holmes has said almost nothing at all.

Despite tens of thousands of website hits and hundreds of calls, text, instant messages, Skype messages and more… I have not and would not seek to profit a single penny from the tragety that occured in MY COMMUNITY.

But here is the rub for those like my graphic artist friend (noted above) with an obession for Willie Wanka… I Am James Holmes, I Market Online, and I Am Here to Help the Willing. These facts will never change.

What is my point? (To read the complete post please click on the title link above to be redirected to my blog)

Viral Marketing Bootcamp Sneak Peak!

I have just created a new “7 Part Viral Marketing Bootcamp” that I am delivering by email to subscribers of my list. I have decided to post the first lesson here today and invite readers of my blog to sign up for the complete series. This is a high value series as viral marketing should be an essential component to your business business plan in 2010 and beyond.

Simply read and enjoy this first lesson and if you feel that it benefits you, click the link and the bottom of this post to receive the complete series of releases beginning on April 1, 2010 – you will received one lesson each day for 7 days.

** Note – your e-course will start with lesson one, but please be aware that it will contain a special link to download resources recommended to take action on each lesson. The lesson one resource is not included in this blog post.

What’s Working Now: Prosperity Marketing System Four Week Test Final Results

On January 22, 2010 I wrote a post which provided an overview and week one results for a test I have been running on the Prosperity Marketing System. You can read that post including my financial results after the first week here: Week One PMS Test

My objective was to prove that anyone who took action and followed the simple system I have established could successfully promote this self-funded proposal system to enroll new members into the primary program of their choice and monetize a percentage of their prospects even if they did not enroll in the business opportunity. The key is that I did not undertake any special measures in marketing the system, such as PPC, ezines, article writing, video marketing, or any other paid advertising other than on traffic exchanges.

To recap here is were the elements of the system I used during the test:

Effective List Building Part 4: Provide Maximum Value First for Your Subscribers!

As an entrepreneur you are rewarded for two specific outcomes:

1. The Value You Provide

2. The Problems You solve

When it comes to list building the rewards you earn are loyal responsive subscribers who choose to remain on your list and sales of your info products, affiliate programs, business opportunities, and other resources you recommend. My goal in this post is to help you maximize your list building activities by providing your subscribers with extreme value first, allowing you to create loyalty and solidify your relationship with your list.

Here is my strategy for adding value as a component of effective list building!

Give Your Subscribers What They Want and Need

Be consistent and targeted with the information you send to your list. Keep in mind that you attracted your subscribers based on a invitation or item of value likely focused on a specific niche. For example, if a subscriber opted into your list for an internet marketing product, they likely will not expect you to email them information about cooking or how to restore a vintage automobile. If you work in a variety of niches, you should build separate list for each niche and only mail across all of your list when the information is relevant to the entire list.

If you email your list with targeted information that provides added value for their lives and helps them grow their businesses, you will develop loyalty and maximize your rightful opportunity to monetize your list. People like to buy from those they know, like and trust – you can develop these three qualities by seeking to add value first and monetize second.

Free Webinar: New FTC Rules for Internet Marketers

I have spent time over the past few weeks studying the new FTC Rules that relate to Internet Marketers. I even managed to interview Mr. Kevin Houchin, Esq. the attorney for Internet Marketer Extraordinaire Joel Comm on my podcast a couple of weeks ago.

Listen to the reply here: Internet Business Blueprint Podcast

These changes will impact everyone who markets online and specifically addresses income claims, testimonials, affiliate endorsement and actions related to these elements of marketing. One important point to note is that both the owners of companies and their affiliate are liable for the content that appears on their websites, blogs, and sales pages.

For example: “Even 100% TRUTHFUL testimonials and endorsements could result in a Federal case against you for DECEPTIVE advertising.”

Joel Comm and Kevin Houchin are hosting a free Webinar on Monday November 9th from 8-9 PM EST and I would strongly urge you to claim a seat to learn what you need to do to remain complaint.

Here is the link to sign up for the Free Webinar: SITE Compliant FTC Webinar

How to Succeed in Internet Marketing Part 1

Thousands of people every month come online to pursue their dreams of creating a successful business, accomplishing their financial goals, and realizing true time freedom. Knowing that these are real people with real lives and that most believe they are serious about their intention to be successful, I wonder why so many fail?

Whether you are pursuing network marketing, affiliate marketing, infomation product creation, or any other business model this post is offered to help you succeed.

Success is a formula requiring many ingredients, it is not an exact science becuase there is a large measure of art included in the formula. I wanted to explore several of the reasons so many people fail online and then provide you with a blueprint to help you achieve success online. I covered this topic on my podcast “InternetBusinessBlueprint” yesterday and I wanted to share these concepts with you here.

Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher Present “How to Finally Make Money With Social Media” Free Webinar

Internet Marketing Master Ryan Deiss and Social Media Guru Perry Belcher will be hosting a Free 2 Hour Webinar on Wednesday evening July 22, 2009 titled “How to Finally Make Money With Social Media” the presentation is expected to sell out at 5,000 attendees. This is an early registration link.

I have personally listen to dozens of hours of Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher training on information product creation, social media, and Internet marketing. I highly recommend their materials as I have found them to be relevant, actionable, an of high value.

Responce to “Perry Belcher Unplugged” Could Be Late July Fireworks!

We have a very interesting guest joining us on Monday July 20, 2009 and there could be Late July Fireworks! I began promoting that Social Media Expert and Internet Marketing Guru Perry Belcher would be my special guest for a special one hour edition of the “Internet Business Blueprint” podcast, which I host every weekday. The responses I have received on Twitter have been more than interesting and will no doubt add a new twist to Perry appearance on the program.

My intention for inviting Perry on the program was to share my positive experience with others and allow my listeners to call in to ask Perry questions, chat with feedback, and benefit from the knowledge of someone who has produced tremendous results with consistency. There are literally ten of thousands of people trying to figure out how to make social media work, how to leverage it to build their brand and drive sales in their businesses. I felt that having Perry on the show would provide a unique opportunity to benefit a large number of entrepreneurs.

James Holmes is Offering Free Private Consultations for Home Business Entrepreneurs

I speak to a variety of people every day who are for the first time making what I call the transition from what I call “from E to E,” which means moving from “employee to entrepreneur. ” This transition is largely mental and emotional, which is the reason why two people can be presented with the same opportunity and tools yet experience very different results. I have been able to help a number of people recognize a few simple principles and offer strategies to help them overcome limiting beliefs, mis-conceptions, and successfully make the transition into entrepreneurship.

A Blueprint for Internet Marketing Success Part 1

My day started off in a powerful way today. I hosted session one in a four session series of podcast on developing your business funnel, which is designed to help you create a outcome based business blueprint (your business funnel), that attracts continuous qualified prospects, creates reoccurring streams of income and allows you to build a thriving business. At the conclusions of this series of four consecutive podcast you will have the perfect business model to help you create a successful online business, time freedom, and true wealth.