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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Rich Dad Poor Dad: Robert Kiyosaki Bancruptcy Filing a Branding Lesson

Having just attended a Robert Kiyosaki ‘Rich Dad’ training for real estate investors, I read with particular interest the facts concerning the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing for Robert and Kim Kiyosaki’s Rich Global LLC. Ref Case 12-20834. Any reports that this is a personal bankruptcy filing are false. Having just attended a Robert Kiyosaki ‘Rich Dad’ training for real estate investors, I read with particular interest the facts concerning the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing for Robert and Kim Kiyosaki’s Rich Global LLC. Ref Case 12-20834. Any reports that this is a personal bankruptcy filing are false. (To read my full blog post click on the title link above)

One 24 Profits Training: Your Personal Brand… What Flavor is Your Koolaide?

I am a co-founder and faculty member at the Net Learning Academy, which is a free membership website where you can access expert training and resources from a group of full-time Internet marketers. The faculty includes; Robert Puddy, Janet Legere, Kaye Towne, Chris Houg, Rob Gehring, and me. We are committed to helping our members succeed in growing successful businesses.

In the following video I share several ideas to help you develop an online brand and develop a tribe of loyal followers for you and your business. The information shared is actionable, so be sure to grab a notepad and pen for notes and a plan of action. I also have an MP3 audio of this session I can email to you upon request, just send an email to me at (Click on the Title Link above to watch the video)

Internet Business Blueprint Podcast 2012 Season Begins

The 2012 season of the Internet Business Blueprint podcast begins on Monday February 13th and this year will include a few changes and several special series that will add value to my listeners. In addition, recordings of the podcast will be added to the Internet Entrepreneurs Academy audio library and re-purposed across other platforms.

The content and topics of for 2012 will be consistent with what listeners have come to expect and enjoyed over the past 171 episodes of the podcast. Listeners will learn about Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, viral traffic generation, automated website promotion, social media best practices and how to create multiple income streams.

One major change this year will be the addition of significantly more interviews with online business leaders and content developers. The feedback from past interview has been tremendous and there are so many amazing people across the web with value to share to help you grow. (Click the title link to access my blog and read the full article)

How to Closeout 2011 Strong and Launch 2012 with Momentum

You can make your year in December with a plan and massive action… ready to go?

Historically December has been a great month for me in business both online and throughout a real estate /mortgage banking career that spanned more than 20 years. There are two primary reasons for this; first, I have always used the month of December to access my year and make plans to shore up any shortcomings and secondly, I take massive action because so many people coast through the holidays… so competition is low.

Last week I discussed this in great detail during my ‘Worldprofit Mentor Podcast’ and provided several tips that will help you closeout 2011 successfully and create momentum in your business allowing you to begin 2012 in a powerful way. I encourage you to invest the next twenty-five minutes listening to the recording and be sure to take notes and create your plan right away. (Click on the title link above to read the complete article and listen to the podcast)

Internet Marketing Professional Blog BHAG Site #1

This is the first in a series of blog post… 30 in total which will detail my progress completing a Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG), which I detailed in a previous blog post. In short, I am creating one new website a day for thirty days and using this process as a teaching opportunity for you and a long-term value adding process for my customers, subscribers, and followers.

Site #1 is Internet Marketing Professional which is a Wordpress blog centered on teaching others how to become a successful Internet marketer in the niche of affiliate marketing. This is a site that I acquired as a new project through Flippa from a very solid site designer. The teaching around this first project is how you can acquire and customize quality niche sites on Flippa and other auction websites.

I acquired this site fully functional but all of the pages and post where generic so it was a blank canvas from a content and branding perspective. I was attracted to the graphics and a very high converting Facebook Fan Page that provides a free video course on video marketing in exchange for a “Like”… I highly recommend this list building method.

Here are 7 tips to gain superior results buying sites on Flippa: (Please click on the title link to read the full article)

James Holmes Newest Talk Marketing Now Host Teaches List-Building

I love teaching and sharing what I have learned with others in order to fulfill my purpose as defined by my personal mission statement which is: “To sow increase into the lives of others by co-creating wealth and abundance.” Helping others create success online is a great way for me to make this ideal a reality.

Last week Brian Schilling, co-founder of Family Networker and a new friend invited me to guest host his weekly show on Talk Marketing Now Network (TMN). I really enjoyed hosting the show and I found the audience to very engaged. A quick survey revealed that most in attendees where intermediate to advanced marketers along with several newer marketers. At the end of the night it was clear to me that this was a group that I would love to get to know better.

What I liked about the group was the fact that everyone in the room was open minded and more interested in learning by sharing their “actual” experiences rather than trying to impress the other members in the room. This creates a fertile environment for growth and people walk away with actionable information that truly helps them inch closer to success. It is fun to share and teach a room of open minded marketers.

The following day I spoke with George Sepich the founder of Talk Marketing Now Network and is a respected marketer. Again, I was impressed and had a great conversation with George which concluded with an agreement that I would become the newest host on TMN. I see this as a huge opportunity to add value to the academy and gain value from the community… an opportunity for expansion.

Beginning on Wednesday November 2nd and into the foreseeable future, I will host a new training show at Talk Marketing Now called “Mega Money List-building and my focus will be the broad subject of list-building. During every session I will cover a full range of subjects to help you build a mega list including mindset, business funnels, sales funnels, tactics, monetization, resources, tools and much more.

The training sessions at the Talk Marketing Now Network are free to attend and the classroom can be accessed by visiting:

I am inviting you to join me every Monday at 7:00 PM EST to learn how to build a mega list and discover how to create automated income streams as a natural outgrowth from your responsive list. The sessions will include both formal instruction as well as casual conversation among the attendees with lively Q&A sessions. My objective is to help you walk away with actionable knowledge that you can apply to your business immediately.

Traffic Exchange Mastery 10 Action Steps to Success

Yesterday I had the pleasure to conduct a guest training at Janet and Don Legere’s Saturday web-conference. I always welcome any opportunity to work with Janet Legere because she is a true professional with a passion to help her followers build sustainable businesses. If I can contribute to her mission in some small way… count me in!

To make it even better the topic of our training was “how to master traffic exchanges” and we had a group of 55 dedicated home-based business owners and Internet marketers who decided to invest their time and join us. It was a tremendous hour long session and I appreciate all of the great feedback that I have read n the blogs and I am glad that Janet and I were able to provide value to the attendees.

101 Awesome Marketing Quotes Courtesy of HubSpot

Here is a great collection of marketing quotes courtey of HubSpot that I wanted to share with you. I spend a little time each week collecting and sharing quotes with my followers on social networks or in my training sessions. One of the great ways thought leaders and teachers share their knowledge is through quotes that are poinient and really drive home a clear message. There are dozen amazing insights, golden nuggets, and words of wisdom in this collection and I am certain that you will not only benefit from them yourself, but that you will find ways to share them with others. (Click on the Tile Link above to access the full article and Slide Share with the quotes)

Get a Free Worldpress Blog Make Money Referring Others

I love Wordpress blogs, which probably explains why I have a network of nearly 20 site across a variety of carefully selected niches. I often speak with newer marketers that are confused about how to get started with a self hosted blog and resort to free blogs on Blogger or other blog platforms. I have several blogs on Blogger also but the bottom-line is that if Google (the owner of Blogger) feels that your content violates their evolving terms of service, your content and all of your hard work can disappear overnight. No warning just removed… it has happened to a few people I know.

If you are an internet marketer or home-based business professional a self-hosted Wordpress blog should be the hub of all of your online activities. Considering the importance of your blog you must take due care when selecting a blog platform and setting up your site. Keep in mind that your prospect will complete a websearch on your name while completing their due dilegence on you prior to joining your business or buying a product from you… what wil they find?

Hosting your own blog allows you the freedom to design the site and add content based on your personal preferences with no fear of violating the terms of free site providers. It also provides you with maximum flexibility when monetizing your site.

The Free Blog Factory provides a professional Wordpress installation using a premuim theme and several key plugins as part of your membership. The site can be installed on your exisitng C-Panel hosting account or they include a special trail offer for Hostgator in the event that you do not have a hosting account of your own.

Here’s what you get:
•Professional installation of a WordPress blogsite on your domain, complete with a $100 Premium Theme and pre-selected plugins and other leading business tools. F
•A thirty trial to Hostgator in the event that you do not have a hosting account.
•Ongoing WordPress Support when you sign up, solving all your technical problems.
•Hosts your blog with the fastest, most secure web hosting available – backed by Hostgator the world’s #1 hosting provider.
•Pre-loaded content to get you started

To get stared go here to claim your free blog:,Holmes-1287129292

How to Get Help from Internet Marketing Gurus

I have the great fortune of speaking with people everyday who have a strong desire or need to make money online. It might surprise you that the great majority of these new or intermediate internet marketers face the same set of challenges. I love sharing solutions.

It can be challenging figuring out how to consistently make money online – how can you create a real income? I can tell you as someone who has achieved this goal that there is a method that every guru uses but rarely talks about. What is it? It is the valuable network of people they know and partner with – you should be working on this everyday!

How much better would your business be if you personally knew experienced internet marketers, skilled programmers, and talented graphic designers? Do you think establishing a strong business and breaking through the barriers that hold you back would no longer be a serious issue for you?

If you read my blog on a regular basis you know that one of the keys to my success has been my ability to keep an open mind and endlessly looking for new information, resources and tools to allow me to break through to higher levels of success. Once I find something that delivers high value and will actually contribute to your bottom line – I share it here.
Here is a link to a valuable e-book by Simon Huey who has build a thriving business in just 3 short years online (he broke through after 9 months) and in this book he share one of the keys to his success. I just gave you a clue to what that is.