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SEO Videos Free BHAG Site #4

The third and final site in the SEO Experts Pro group is SEO Videos Free and it represents site #4 in my 30 sites in 30 days November Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG), which has been detailed in prior posts on my blog. This site represents an acquisition opportunity that came along at the perfect time and was the missing piece of the puzzle.

Video is big and many people including me prefer learning through video instruction, so it is always a good idea to include video as a key component to any website project that you develop. I decided to add video to the the SEO Experts Pro project first by adding video to the SEO Experts Pro blog, which I did and then decided to go a step further by putting together a sister sister which became SEO Free Videos.

I explored building a Wordpress based site, a PHP based site, and contracting a programmer to create a site for me. I finally decided to acquire a site through an online auction from a programmer who has extensive experience building video “how to” sites and it was a great decision.

This one was simple as the site was delivered complete and only required that I transfer the files to my hosting account and the domain name to my domain host. The majority of the work to connect the site to the other sites in this group relied on the blog and the social media profiles at Facebook and Twitter.

In case you missed the details regarding the other sites in this grouping visit the following links for details. (Click on the title link above to read the complete article)

Search Engines Revealed BHAG Site #3

The second site in the SEO Experts Pro project is also site #3 of my 30 sites in 30 days November Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG), which has been detailed in prior posts on my blog. If you are not aware of what this crazy project is all about and the objectives I have set forth to add value for you and everyone else I engage with in my businesses. Be sure to read the prior post where I explain the entire vision for series of projects.

I created the Internet Business Blueprint to teach others how to create sales funnels and front-end offers that provides extreme value, build your list, and allows you to accomplish your specific major purpose for establishing a business online. Regardless if you are providing a product free of charge or severely under charging as I have done here with a $7 price tag on a book that sells online for forty-seven dollars.

I have written and published e-books as well as utilized private label rights products (PLR) to create high value offers for my customers and subscribers to my list. In this case I decided to provide an extreme value on an expertly written e-book on a very challenging topic… search engine optimization.

This project did not require too much effort, but that does not mean the outcome has any less impact for you and me. It certainly required that I learn a few new skills concerning HTML editing and a few other coding actions.

Here are three tips to consider when using PLR products: (Please click on the title link above to read the entire blog post)

SEO Experts Pro Blog BHAG Site #2

This is the second project under the umbrella of my November 30 blogs in 30 days Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG), which I have detailed in previous blog posts explaining the objective in full and the completion of the first successful project Internet Marketing Professional. The details for this project SEO Experts Pro involves 3 websites, a blog, a information produce sales pages (and download page), and a SEO video hosting site with a library of over seven-thousand search engine optimization videos.

This post will cover the SEO Experts Pro blog with each of the other sites getting there own review.

Site #2 is SEO Experts Pro which is a Wordpress blog in the highly competitive search engine optimization niche. This site was originally soft launched (released with little or no promotion) in January 2010 and due to other projects placed this site on the back burner. When I conceived the project for this site I envisioned a blog that would host articles from many search engine optimization experts that would write occasionally as guest bloggers and focus on their area of expertise and deliver extreme value to my readers. This is still one of the primary objectives going forward.

I decided that this would be the perfect time to pick this project back up and complete it due to the fact that the rules continue to change and getting your websites highly ranked in search engines and maintaining those rankings requires forethought, planning, and continual adjustments… it is not set it and forget it. The value proposition of this program is training, resources and tools for website owners and Internet marketers at all experience levels to better understand SEO.

Here are the primary task I performed to complete this project: (Please click the title link above to read the full blog post)

Top 10 SEO Tools of 2011by Skybox Creative

Here is a credible top 1o list of top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools offer by the staff of SkyBox Creative based in San Diego. I discovered a couple of new tools in this video and they have included one of my favorite free resources the SEO Book, which is a free to join site that provide a variety of SEO and webmaster tools.

What I like about this list is that everything here is immediately actionable and results are not dependent upon the size of your bank account. It makes sense to learn a few basic SEO tools and tips to support your traffic goals and honor the time you invest in creating websites and blogs.

James Holmes Answers Your Quesitons Live

Get Your Internet Markeiting Questions Answered Live

I previously shared that I would regularly host Q&A sessions where I would answer questions posted at Answers Junciton. I hosted the first such session yesterday and I wanted to provide you with a video clip if the show so that you have a better feel about these sessions. During the program, I will have the chat and social chat rooms open to take quesitons live.


Answers Junction Sesson One: Your Internet Marketing Quesitons 

I apologize about the 15 second ad which is presented by UStream

Visit My Live Stream at James Holmes TV

The programs will not be pre-scheduled at this time, I will simply announce them on my social profiles with advanced notice prior to hosting each show. I will always record each session and often post a direct reply to the quesiton itself at Answers Junction. If you have not visited Answers Junction, be sure to take a look around as there is a tremendous amount of great advice on the site as well as a resource section to help you grow your business.

I look forward to reading your questions and comments and thank you for reading my blog.

Have a blessed day!

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P.S. If you would like to learn how to use “Questions and Answers” to grow your business I have a great video course that I highly recommend here:

Answer Marketing Traffic

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