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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

The Best Online Business Model for You?

I am often asked what is the best model to use when starting a business online and the simple answer is the one that works for you. Sounds logical but the best answer requires a bit more explanation along with a few examples of the core types of businesses you should consider.

I recorded a new podcast episode that addresses each of the core models along with additional insight and advice. Here is my show player… click the start button and be sure to take notes.

Assuming that you are clear on your objectives and the motivation behind your desire to start your business you should be able to build your business around one of these core models. As your experience grows you may venture into more than model as I have done… this is my advice as long as you maintain disipline in runing your businesses.
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Here is a quick heads up on a special offer that was made on my podcast “The Internet Business Blueprint” podcast by Internet Marketer Doug Champigny for his “Power Start 2010″ 4 Week Coaching Program – I am signing up for the program today and so should you – here is why.

There is a tremendous opportunity to develop your personal brand, expand your market, and create a six-figure income by creating and marketing information products. Many new and intermediate marketers have a large number of ‘private label rights’ (PLR) and ‘master resell rights’ (MRR) ZIP files sitting on their hard drives unopened because they do not know how to take the steps required to get these products personally re-branded and posted online. It is like a treasure chest of cash waiting to be opened.

The purpose of the Power Start 2010 program is to help you go from a dead start to a complete online info product business with website hosted, monetized and getting traffic in 4 weeks. I invite you to join us if you would like to take massive action and get your business launched in 4 weeks not 12 months and start making real money online.

Here is an overview of the weekly sessions: