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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Multiple Streams of Income Model Explained (Free Video)

I recently presented an extensive training on my One 24 Profits ‘Multiple Income Streams’ model as a guest trainer for the webinar series hosted by Kay Brasher… it is a great community and event. Kay has done a great job attracting many of the top trainers in online marketing and the series has experienced tremendous growth in popularity.

I wanted to share a recording of the video and audio of this training session. If you have been trying to make real money online and have struggled to figure out how so many people are having success using systems, this webinar will be a true eye opener.

(To View the Complete Blog Post and Watch the Video… Click on the Title Link Above)

James Holmes Presentation for Contact List Builder

Join me on Saturday January 20, 2012 as I am Janet Legere and Don Legere’s guest presenter at their weekly ‘Content List Builder’ live web conference. I will be presenting on one of my favorite topics and core tenants of my business model… multiple income streams and automated daily income.

I have been a previous guest on Janet’s conference and you can watch the video of my past presentation here. I love interacting with the amazing community of marketers at Contact List Builder and I am certain that you will also.

The Agenda:

My intention is to share the wisdom of creating multiple automated sales funnels to create daily income online. I will provide you with the ‘why’ behind this business model and the ‘how’ to set everything up and make it work for you.

Why pursue a multiple income streams model?
What are the keys to creating multiple stream income streams?
How to structure your multiple streams properly?
What resources so you need to make it EASY?
Now that you have them what do you do with them?
How to make it work systematically?
In addition, I am going to completely destroy a popular myth that states; “The man (or woman) that chases two rabbits catches none.” I will prove to you that this is a completely false statement. (Click the title link to read the Complete post)

How to Turn Your Business Tools into Another Income Stream

A few months ago I heard that a well established website hosting company known as Kiosk Hosting was going to be launching a new network marketing company called Global Virtual Opportunities or GVO. I also learned that they were doing so with the support of many of the biggest names in Internet marketing including Mike Filsaime and Frank Kern among others. I was already familiar with Kiosk as a result of being a long term customer of Mike Filsaime and Armando Montelongo, both of whom use Kiosk as their hosting solution.

I was keenly interested in GVO because the business concept seemed very simple to me and the bundle of services they offer includes services that I was already purchasing through a variety of vendors. The idea here is to purchase these services as a package and dramatically lower the cost as a result and I have to say it really has worked. I still use Aweber, Go Daddy, Host Gator, but I have eliminated many of my secondary services and trimmed my budget as a result.

I personally was able to save about $120 per month and depending on what type of services you currently use to build your business, you likely will have a similar experience by switching over to GVO’ s bundled suite of products.