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Podcast Episode #97: Janet Legere GVO Trainer of the Year

I am pleased to welcome Internet Marketer and Elite Trainer Janet Legere as my guest on the Internet Business Blueprint podcast on Friday May 30th at 1:00 PM EST. We are going to engage in a lively discussion on personal branding, list building and using list builders to explode your list and build your business. Janet and I are partnered in GVO and another soon to be announced venture – I have come to admire Janet and I am thrilled to share her knowledge with you.

Janet Legere was recently honored by Joel Therien,CEO of GVO with the award for trainer of the year, which is easily understood as Janet consistently provides excellent training at GVO Academy as well as in her own Saturday training sessions.

What’s Working Now: Prosperity Marketing System Four Week Test Final Results

On January 22, 2010 I wrote a post which provided an overview and week one results for a test I have been running on the Prosperity Marketing System. You can read that post including my financial results after the first week here: Week One PMS Test

My objective was to prove that anyone who took action and followed the simple system I have established could successfully promote this self-funded proposal system to enroll new members into the primary program of their choice and monetize a percentage of their prospects even if they did not enroll in the business opportunity. The key is that I did not undertake any special measures in marketing the system, such as PPC, ezines, article writing, video marketing, or any other paid advertising other than on traffic exchanges.

To recap here is were the elements of the system I used during the test:

How to Turn Your Business Tools into Another Income Stream

A few months ago I heard that a well established website hosting company known as Kiosk Hosting was going to be launching a new network marketing company called Global Virtual Opportunities or GVO. I also learned that they were doing so with the support of many of the biggest names in Internet marketing including Mike Filsaime and Frank Kern among others. I was already familiar with Kiosk as a result of being a long term customer of Mike Filsaime and Armando Montelongo, both of whom use Kiosk as their hosting solution.

I was keenly interested in GVO because the business concept seemed very simple to me and the bundle of services they offer includes services that I was already purchasing through a variety of vendors. The idea here is to purchase these services as a package and dramatically lower the cost as a result and I have to say it really has worked. I still use Aweber, Go Daddy, Host Gator, but I have eliminated many of my secondary services and trimmed my budget as a result.

I personally was able to save about $120 per month and depending on what type of services you currently use to build your business, you likely will have a similar experience by switching over to GVO’ s bundled suite of products.

What’s Working Now: Results of Week One Prosperity Marketing System Test

I am starting a new series of post that will appear weekly on my blog under the heading (and tagged) ‘Whats Working Now’ and it will be documented results of what I am testing in my business and what type of results I have recorded. I am constantly testing new tools, new marketing methods, and resources in an ongoing effort to make my business more efficient and profitable. I am not going to share the failures, there are always little experiements that do not work out, but I am not a product reviewer and it is not my intention to provide you with product reviews.

I am only interested in sharing with you what is working, the experiments that produced positive results. There will be times when I am testing a resource that requires an extended testing period and therefore the results may not be known for a while, but I may be compelled to share the progress I am making anyway. I may also share with you what I am considering testing next, but those post will not carry the ‘whats working now’ tag.

So, here is my first report to you. I have been running a test over the past 8 days to see how my web traffic was converting to upgrades and eventual sign-ups into one of my primary programs using the “Prosperity Marketing System.”