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Do you enjoy hearing real life stories about the underdog who was able to overcome obstacles to achieve success and forever change their lives and the lives of others? We often hear these types of stories but rarely do we get to actually meet the people and even rarer actually getting to know them when they were at the bottom or being able to join in their eventual success.

I have had the great fortune to know such a person and even better, I want to introduce you to his story and share what he is doing now… you can join him on the journey.

I met David Wood almost four years ago… in the fall of 2008. At the time he was desperate (self described) to make it in the home based business industry, specifically network marketing and he was in the same program I was in at the time Agel Enterprises (we both learned the challenges of building the old fashion way).

David’s sponsor was Lori Harrell a great friend of mine and she used to tell me stories about this guy David Wood; how he was living with his new wife in his parents basement in Alaska, how she was supporting his traditional offline recruiting efforts, like in home meetings, friends, family, etc. I later learned that he had endured homelessness literally living in a beat up van in Hawaii and trying to become wealthy in MLM.

Fast forward one year… he was the number one recruiter in his company and gaining a lot of attention from industry leaders including Mike Dillard, Eric Worre, and others. The question is how did he do it? David moved his business building and recruiting to the Internet in Septmeber 2009 broke through six months later making $27,000 in one week and has not made less than $5,000 a week since that time.

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