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Podcast Episode #104: Quality Matters More Than The Size Of Your List

List building is largely a numbers game but many marketers forget that quality matters when it comes to earning revenue with your list. If you want to monetize your subscriber list you must first provide real value for your members for free and then within your funnel convert those subscribers to buyers.

The basic formula that I teach to achieve our objective is simply offering visitors to your websites and blog sites a high value item free as a reward for opting in, I refer to this as an ethical bribe. Keep in mind that this is a reflection on your brand and for your future customers it is their first sample of the quality and value you provide. As a result you want to give away some of your BEST information. If you give your new subscribers cheap or low value products and information, they have no reason to pay for what they will perceive to be more of the same. When you provide high value information as a free gift and continue to provide quality content through your auto-responder messages, you begin to build trust by establishing your expertise and you create a desire in your subscriber to obtain more of your content and a willingness to pay for the value they receive.

Podcast Episode #103: Effective List Building Session One

I invite you to join me Wednesday June 30th, I will begin a new series of podcast on the “Internet Business Blueprint” on Blog Talk Radio. This series is titled “Effective List Building” and it will be presented in 10 episodes.

List building is a crucial piece of the success puzzle when it comes to creating a successful Internet marketing business. The bottom line is clear, you need a list regardless of which business model you choose; information product marketing, affiliate marketing, direct sales or any other the other handful of variant models you have to choose from. The bottom line is to be successful you must place your message in front of your market with consistently.

There are a variety of channels that you can use to deliver your message, but few are more effective than a responsive double opt in subscriber list of buyers who already know you, like you and most importantly have grown to trust you. Once you have a subscriber list in place, you should plan to earn one dollar for every name on your list each month. Then if your desire is to make more money simply grow a bigger list.

Effective List Building Part 6: E-zine Ad Marketing and Ad Swaps

Do you publish an e-zine? An e-zine is a web-based newsletter that is more highly designed to take on the appearance of a traditional magazine and it can be a powerful tool for building a list of loyal subscribers. Unlike auto-responder campaigns, your e-zine should be published less frequently, perhaps once or twice each month and should include information on topics beyond your business. This is the perfect format to share a little about your life in order to provide your reader with a chance to get to know you better.

E-zine ad swaps involve trading advertising exposure in your e-zine in exchange for exposure in another e-zine in your niche or a closely related niche. I recommend negotiating a direct swap making this a great free option although if the other publisher has a much larger distribution list, you may be asked to either pay a small premium or perhaps allow the other publisher two issues in your e-zine in exchange of one in theirs.

I recommend setting an objective to have two ad swaps for each issue you publish and closely monitor your opt in results by using a tracking link or promoting different pages in each e-zine. Continue to advertise in the publications that convert to opt-ins or sales and move away from those that do not. If you see traffic and opt-ins peak and begin to fall off assume that you have obtained maximum penetration of this list and begin looking for a replacement.

Focus more on building your brand and delivering value than making a sale. If you write ads that demonstrate your authority in your niche and give away a high value e-book, special report or auto in exchange for a name and email address from the reader. Keep in mind, you will have plenty of time to sell after the subscriber has joined your list, which of course if your objective.

Effective List Building Part 5: Create a Free E-Book and Give It Away

One of the primary purposes of your blog should be to collect subscriber names and email addresses to add to your list. The best way to achieve this is to consistently post great content to your blog to generate traffic and then offer a item of high value free in exchange for the subscribers opt in to your list. I like using either a free e-book, a seven part email course (delivered over 21 days), or a free video based product.

Let’s examine the options of offering an e-book in greater detail and take a look at a couple to tools to help you get up and running quickly. I am also going to show you a short cut used by many of top marketers on the Internet!

Effective List Building Part 4: Provide Maximum Value First for Your Subscribers!

As an entrepreneur you are rewarded for two specific outcomes:

1. The Value You Provide

2. The Problems You solve

When it comes to list building the rewards you earn are loyal responsive subscribers who choose to remain on your list and sales of your info products, affiliate programs, business opportunities, and other resources you recommend. My goal in this post is to help you maximize your list building activities by providing your subscribers with extreme value first, allowing you to create loyalty and solidify your relationship with your list.

Here is my strategy for adding value as a component of effective list building!

Give Your Subscribers What They Want and Need

Be consistent and targeted with the information you send to your list. Keep in mind that you attracted your subscribers based on a invitation or item of value likely focused on a specific niche. For example, if a subscriber opted into your list for an internet marketing product, they likely will not expect you to email them information about cooking or how to restore a vintage automobile. If you work in a variety of niches, you should build separate list for each niche and only mail across all of your list when the information is relevant to the entire list.

If you email your list with targeted information that provides added value for their lives and helps them grow their businesses, you will develop loyalty and maximize your rightful opportunity to monetize your list. People like to buy from those they know, like and trust – you can develop these three qualities by seeking to add value first and monetize second.

Effective List Building Part 3: How to Build Your Subscriber List with Relative Ease

List Building Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

New and intermediate marketers operate under a false impression that the only way to build a list is to have a visitor opt into a subscriber form on your website or blog. Unfortunately this leads to a lack of action because they get stuck either because they don’t know how to put a web form on their site or they put the form on their site and do nothing more.

The longterm impact on the business of these marketers is a lack of sales. The longer you go without an organized and consistent list building strategy, the more difficult it will be for you to begin making real money online. If you read this blog post carefully and take immediate action, you will be on your way to building a responsive list with relative ease.