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How to Make Your Blog a Magnet for Inbound Links

Throughout my entrepreneurial career I have yet to out spend my income when investing in professional and personal development. I have found that investing in my continuing education and dedicating myself to lifelong learning has always grown my business and therefore my income. When I made the decision to come online, I determined that I would learn from the very best mentors and verified gurus I could find and share what I learned, coupled with my personal experiences to help other create successes of their own.

I want to share a lesson I learned from Don Crowther, faculty member at Stomper Net. I purchased training and been a member of the Stomper Net community since 2008 and have benefited to the quality of their programs. I pulled out my notes because I am focusing on inbound links as I continue to evolve my blog and decided to share ten specific strategies detailed in this lesson on my podcast today. You can access a mp3 download or listen to a streaming replay on the Internet Business Blueprint show page.

The creation of quality incoming links is a key component to bringing traffic and authority to your blog. If you are looking for a clever new way to trick the search engines this will not be the post for you; however, if you are looking for an actionable blueprint that will result in thousands of quality inbound links, you should keep reading this post.

The foundation for attracting quality inbound links is your content itself, be sure to develop content that is worthy of being linked to by others. The research done at Stomper Net has shown that certain types of content generates links naturally. I have found that post topics that address two basic needs provide the most traction. The first is “how to” content and the second is a solution to a problem your market trying to solve, for example “how to get more traffic and increase conversions?”

Here is a list ten content types that will transform your blog into a link magnet.