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How to Use Auto Responders: Part 1

If you are an Internet Marketer your must have an auto-responder or responsible for marketing an offline business you should be using one. Auto-responders are the key automating your communications flow with your prospects and clients.

I am posting a series of articles to share key information on how you can use auto-responders to boost your sales. Auto-responders are automated “sales aides” that tirelessly follow up with your prospects and customers so you can form relationships.

You simply create a series of letters and decide how often you want them to be sent. Then, when people sign up for your auto-responder series, each follow-up letter is sent on the precise schedule that you’ve established. Can you see how powerful this is for growing your business?

How can you leverage auto-responders? You can accomplish anything that you can do with e-mail, but do it once and allow the system to personalize and send out your messages on auto-pilot.

Here’s some of the best ways to leverage auto-responders to grow your business:

Guest Post: Why You’ll Love AWeber’s New Web Form Generator

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Do Your Potential Customers Forget About You?

I am pleased to provide this special guest post by Mr. Tom Kulzer, CEO of Aweber Corporation. Aweber is the leading provider of auto-responder and email marketing services, which I use everyday in my business and endorse to all of my assoicates, team members and coaching students. I have been quoted as saying; “you cannot be in the business of internet marketing without an auto-responder, because your future profits exist in your list.” I hope you enjoy this article and please be sure to scroll down the bottom of the post for a speacial trail offer we have for the readers of the blog.