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Simple Fail-Safe Way to Back Up Your Email Account

Back up your email account as a best business practice

I have a lesson from the field that will save you from losing access to your email if your domain host goes offline or another calamity visits your desktop. Here is what happened. I was working with one of my traffic services clients last night to help him get an e-commerce site online overnight in a pinch. So it was about one in the morning and we decided to transfer his DNS Settings for his domain to a new host and FTP the site. What we hadn’t considered is that his email would go offline until the transfer process was complete quoting 24 to 72 hours. The problem is that he is receiving between 30 to 50 new order per day through email – yikes!

So with every challenge come a solution and a new idea is born – right? So, I got to thinking, what if you set up a Gmail account that you could use as a fail safe for your primary email- you can set up the account and then make one simple adjustment to your primary email client. Log into your primary email account and edit your email profile by adding your new Gmail account address as a carbon copy address.

Now, every time you get an email one will also be sent to the Gmail back up account. If you have a mishap, system failure, or need an email that has been deleted from your primary account you simply log in to your back up account and retrieve your messages. Then all you have to do is log in there once or twice a month and purge the in-box.

There you have a free, reliable, user friendly way to add a little safety net and avoid that sinking feeling if your web host goes down or you pull a stunt like we did.

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