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SEO Videos Free BHAG Site #4

SEO Videos Free contains a searchable library of more than 7,000 titles

The third and final site in the SEO Experts Pro group is SEO Videos Free and it represents site #4 in my 30 sites in 30 days November Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG), which has been detailed in prior posts on my blog. This site represents an acquisition opportunity that came along at the perfect time and was the missing piece of the puzzle.

Video is big and many people including me prefer learning through video instruction, so it is always a good idea to include video as a key component to any website project that you develop.  I decided to add video to the the SEO Experts Pro project first by adding video to the SEO Experts Pro blog, which I did and then decided to go a step further by putting together a sister sister which became SEO Free Videos.

I explored building a WordPress based site, a PHP based site, and contracting a programmer to create a site for me. I finally decided to acquire a site through an online auction from a programmer who has extensive experience building video “how to” sites and it was a great decision.

This one was simple as the site was delivered complete and only required that I transfer the files to my hosting account and the domain name to my domain host. The majority of the work to connect the site to the other sites in this group relied on the blog and the social media profiles at Facebook and Twitter.

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If one or more of my projects inspires you to create a similar project, I encourage you to contact me and allow me to help you create a successful site or two of your own. I am here to help you succeed online and create an Internet business that empowers you to accomplish your goals and objectives online.

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Be sure to watch for the blog post that covers site #4 to complete the SEO Experts Pro project.

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