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Search Engines Revealed BHAG Site #3

Search Engines Revealed is a massive e-book packed with SEO secrets!

The second site in the SEO Experts Pro project is also site #3 of my 30 sites in 30 days November Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG), which has been detailed in prior posts on my blog. If you are not aware of what this crazy project is all about and the objectives I have set forth to add value for you and everyone else I engage with in my businesses. Be sure to read the prior post where I explain the entire vision for series of projects.

I created the Internet Business Blueprint to teach others how to create sales funnels and front-end offers that provides extreme value, build your list, and allows you to accomplish your specific major purpose for establishing a business online. Regardless if you are providing a product free of charge or severely under charging as I have done here with a $7 price tag on a book that sells online for forty-seven dollars.

I have written and published e-books as well as utilized private label rights products (PLR) to create high value offers for my customers and subscribers to my list. In this case I decided to provide an extreme value on an expertly written e-book on a very challenging topic… search engine optimization.

This project did not require too much effort, but that does not mean the outcome has any less impact for you and me. It certainly required that I learn a few new skills concerning HTML editing and a few other coding actions.

Here are three tips to consider when using PLR products:

1. Only buy quality PLR to ensure that the content is worthy of you placing your name on it.

2. Generally I would recommend heavily editing the content to ensure that it represents your point of view on the topic.

3. Invest the time required to learn how to properly benefit from re-purposing information products.

Search Engines Revealed is a 173 page e-book that you will gain instant access to from the sales page located here: Search Engines Revealed

The book is divided into eleven chapters as follows:

Chap 01. Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Chap 02. Search Engines and Directories

Chap 03. How Major Search Engines Work – Crawling Policies and Algorithms

Chap 04. Introduction to Search Engine Submission

Chap 05. Intelligent Ways of Improving Page Rankings

Chap 06. Paid Placement Programs

Chap 07. Verify and Monitor Listings and Ranking

Chap 08. Measuring Performance – Web Logs Analysis

Chap 09. Review of SEO Software and Submission Services

Chap 10. ROI in Search Engine Optimization

Chap 11. Resources and Tools for Search Engine Marketing

The amount of work that you will want to do when selling or giving away private label products or master resell rights products (MRR) depends on your purpose and what you wish to accomplish within your purpose. I have covered the gambit from heavily editing the content and revising the graphics to simply editing the sales or opt-in page as is the case here.

Here are the primary task I performed to complete this project:

1. Edited the sales page title to focus the message and catch the readers attention.

2. Edited the sales copy in order to reflect my message and update the sales page graphically.

3. Integrated the Belcher checkout button and Pay Pal check out process.

4. Integrated AWeber into the download process on the download page and added support details.

I love sharing this project with you because using PLR and MRR products provides you with an opportunity to efficiently publish information products to give away (to grow your list) and sell (to grow your bank account) and add value to your market.  The mental attitude to take when looking at PLR and MRR dictates that you are buying a research document and your job is to edit and finish the work before you place your name on it.

Where do you buy quality PLR and MRR?

I have purchased PLR and MRR products from many sources over the past couple of years and these are the sources I have found to offer quality products in a variety of niches at at a fair price or subscription. I have put together perhaps the best value for quality PLR and MRR are truly affordable prices at My Worldprofit PLR Store.

My Worldprofit PLR Store

Sure Fire Wealth PLR Club

Easy PLR by Nicole Dean

If one or more of my projects inspires you to create a similar project, I encourage you to contact me and allow me to help you create a successful site or two of your own. I am here to help you succeed online and create an Internet business that empowers you to accomplish your goals and objectives online.

Have a blessed day!

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Be sure to watch for the blog post that covers site #4 to complete the SEO Experts Pro project.

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