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Russell Brunson’s Micro-Continuity Training mp3 Player Free!


I have been partnering with Russell Brunson creator of the Micro Continuity Program for the past several months and I have to tell you, Russell is an amazingly gifted person and he has a heart to help others succeed and is very open when sharing what really works in online marketing. In March 2009, Russell made a presentation at a live event that the attendees paid $2,500 each to attend. It was a six hour session and those who attended and took action benefited by creating successful businesses online rapidly with little or no money.

Russell has semi-retired from his business, more on that later. He has decided to go out with a splash by giving away the recording of the entire six hour session pre-loaded on an mp3 player, he is giving it away for free with no strings attached. You will only have to pay shipping and handling of $9.95 and you keep the mp3 player, it’s yours and the content will make you a ton of money as long as you take action.

Get Your mp3 Player Here: Micro Continuity Free mp3

This video will provide you with an idea of Russell’s no nonsense, practical training style and get a overview of the Micro Continuity process.

Watch this Content Rich Video Here: 51 Minute Content Video

If you have any immediate questions feel free to contact me directly as I look forward to visiting with you personally. In addition to the exceptional six hours content on your new mp3 player, I will work personally with you to help you set up a profitable online business.

I have found that the material and training that I have purchased from Russell Brunson in the past has been of high value and extremely actionable. I am an affiliate of Micro Continuity and all of the programs in Russell’s “The Second Tier” affiliate suite.

I am always looking for the best new training resources and eager to share them with my readers. If you have discovered an exceptional training resource let me know. I am on a mission of continual self improvement.

Have a blessed journey!


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